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A Cryptopia Hacker Has Transferred Over $4 Million Of Stolen Eth To An Unknown Wallet


Cryptopia is the New Zealand currency exchange. It was in the news earlier on in the week and several reports have shown that it was hacked a few months ago. This resulted in a ton of customers losing their funds. Now new reports have surfaced that show that the hacker’s activity does actually connect to the stolen funds. This is interesting news to say the least but it is safe to say that more needs to be done to stop people from losing their funds. WhaleAlert is a Twitter account that is able to track sums in large amounts. They actually posted an alert stating that over $4 million of ETH tokens were transferred to another address. Some of the funds were stolen from the exchange in another, separate hack. Of course, part of the funds were transferred from the first address by the hacker and these were done to another address. This is known as the Cryptopia Hack. The second hack actually showed that over 17,000 wallets were compromised and that a breach also happened. There have also been more reports that say that the exchange has lost all control over the ETH wallets. Private keys have also been lost, and this is bad news to say the least.

Additionally, prior to transferring this to another wallet, the hacker made a transaction of one ether to another address. This makes the total two transactions for the week. The exchange has actually come forward to release a statement asserting the platform would not be liable for any kind of funds that were lost. The service has also come out to say that they are not going to be giving anyone any kind of refund and that this should be something that is taken into consideration.



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