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OK Coin to Launch EOS Trading for Customers


EOS, which is currently the fifth-largest cryptocurrency based on market cap and a one of the top Ethereum competitors due to its smart contract features, will now be included on the OK Coin cryptocurrency exchange. This means that customers of OK Coin are now being given the opportunity to trade, sell and buy units of EOS. OK Coin did release an official statement with regards to the platform change, as well as statements concerning the attributes and advantages of EOS.

In the statement they noted that developers use EOS, which is the native cryptocurrency utilized by the EOSIO blockchain standard protocol, to generate decentralized, commercial-level applications. EOSIO brings together a smart contract program and decentralized operating system, delivering solutions like access control, authentication, storage space, computing power and much more. The goal is blockchain structures that can be scaled to millions of transactions each second devoid of user fees, thus giving users outstanding speed, security and overall performance.

OK Coin has claimed that they are among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Launched in 2013, OK Coin currently has customers in over 100 different countries. At of now, OK Coin provides users with the opportunity to trade, purchase and sell a variety of digital coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. The exchange adheres to varying regulations and local statutes in both the United States and overseas and looks to strengthen transaction performance for its customers. OK Coin has also stated that it is planning to include many additional cryptocurrencies for users to trade with in the future.

Company reps refer to EOS as a “scalable, flexible cryptocurrency” that can be utilized in “real-world scenarios.” EOS is still fairly new, especially in comparison with Bitcoin and some of the other major, mainstream cryptocurrencies. Even so, it is already garnering widespread interest from decentralized application developers all over the world.

At the time of this writing, OK Coin has already launched services such as withdrawals and inbound fund transfers for its customers. Representatives have stated that spot trading for the EOS/USD pairing would become available beginning at 8:30 pm PST this evening. Customers who were among the first to initiate inbound deposits by April 27th were entered into a competition to receive up to 100,000 EOS tokens. The winner of the contest hasn’t been announced.

The value of EOS has climbed by over 100 percent over the course of the past two months, demonstrating that it is among the most popular cryptocurrencies available today. Bitcoin, in contrast, has risen by less than 40% since it dropped into the mid-$3,000s in the 4th quarter of 2018. In recent times, one Bitcoin unit trades for just below $5,150, indicating that it has decreased to some extent from its recent high level of $5,600.

OK Coin was one of the three main cryptocurrency exchanges operating in China before regulations pushed it to relocate its business abroad. It has managed approximately $2.5 million USD in cryptocurrency trades over only the last day alone, while its cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency enterprise OKEx is currently the second-largest crypto exchange in the world.


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