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The Dollar Has Finally Had The Chance To Take A Breather


When you look at the dollar, it isn’t hard to see that it has traded below a five-month period of being high. This is especially the case when you compare it to a ton of other currencies. The greenback was able to surge on Monday and it reached a peak gain of over 5.4%. This was all done in about a month and it happened from mid-April onwards. This is very interesting if you look at the fact that it has been at its lowest since March. The pullback came from a 7-week high that came from last week’s data. This likely prompted traders to try and book some of their profits on the bullish side of things. It has also been noted that the outlook for the dollar is still very positive. This is well worth watching and it doesn’t matter whether you take into account the economic outlook or even how it has developed in other countries. The US currency is improving and it is safe to say that it is gaining a lot of traction as a result.

There is a lot of optimism at the moment about economic growth and there has also been a lot of talks about how this has had an impact on the dollar as well. When you look at the last month, the dollar really has been bolstered by US economic data and this has been one of the many factors that has really come into account here. The Federal Reserve policy has been tightening ever since and it has also brought around some US bond yields as well. This has bolstered the greenback’s overall yield appeal and the prospect of a revolution has added even more to the shine of the dollar in general.

When you look at the yen, the dollar has eased by a total of 0.1% and this is from Monday. The four-month high and the dollar’s fate really does rest on the FED and a lot of officials have spoken about the US central bank policy in this respect. The meeting is due to come out on Wednesday.

Investors really will focus on the inflation and the overall outlook of it. When you look at higher inflation you will see that this is most likely to happen around the middle of November and that this has regained some footing when compared. This week is likely to bring about a lot of change and this is going to mean a lot for the greenback currency. Only time will tell if this is the case and there is no telling whether or not things are going to change for the better or for the worst. Investors will certainly be hoping for a positive outlook but overall, the signs are all pointing in the right direction.


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