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MyCrypto Has Managed To Raise $4 million In Terms of Wallets


MyCrypto is an open source platform. It is able to simplify the process of sending, receiving and even storing digital assets. As of this day it has announced that they have managed to raise a total of $4 million in a round and this has all been lead by Polychain capital. MyCrypto is able to provide a huge range of tools and they are even able to provide and create new wallets as well. This gives people the chance to buy, sell and even exchange virtual currencies. Other investors include Shapeshift, Boost VC Fund 3and so much more. You also have an employee of Dropbox and he is known as Albert Ni and even the cofounder of Earn who is known as Lily Liu. With the money that they aim to build they may be able to build and establish a gateway that is suitable for every single person who wants to experiment with the currency. So it is important to know that the first round of funding comes as the blockchain and even the cryptocurrency industry is booming. You have 22 million wallets that are being set up and the market is also expected to grow by the year 2022 by a total of $8 billion. When you  look at Etherscan, which is the number of ETH addresses, you will soon see that they have managed to raise a total of 41 million this month alone.

Of course, people are always trying to make it much easier for users to try and secure their funds and they are also trying very hard to do this out of an exchange as well. MyCrypto the company have also launched a desktop app and they are also trying to give users the chance to manage and even use their currency without having to go through an online service. The company is working diligently to try and make sure that they are always providing their customers with the services they need. They also want to give the people an interface that is easy to use for the average person. The MyCrypto is being led by some entrepreneurs and they are also very well-positioned as well. They are onboard and they are trying to target the next hundred million cryptocurrency users. This comes from Carlson Wee who is the CEO of Polychain Capital. He has released a statement and there has also been a survey done as well. This found that over 46% of participants had in fact heard of ETH and that 5% of them had held Bitcoin at some point. The market is continually changing and it is always evolving as well. This can mean that navigating the market can be difficult and it can also be overwhelming for even seasoned users as well. This comes from the CEO of MyCrypto.  Taylor Monohan has issued a statement stating that they are absolutely delighted to try and design a statement or even an experience that can simplify how people are able to access and share their currency. They are also thrilled to state that they have received an overwhelming level of support as well. Monohan is the founder of My Ether Wallet and he had a vision. He wanted to make sure that he was providing a platform that would allow, or at least give users the chance to try and interact with the blockchain and so that they could also control their keys as well. The rivals for the company included My Ether Wallet and even Coinbase. They are also up against Trust Wallet as well. They have over 20 staff working for them and they  also have part-time staff as well. What’s even more interesting is that they have some part-time staff as well and they are continually doing everything they can to make sure that everything is a success.

Now it’s important to know that MyCrypto is non-custodial. This basically means that it does not hold the funds for you and it is not able to give you or even collect any sensitive information. The company is entirely focused on user education and they also want to try and empower individuals so that they can control the funds that they have safely. When you look at cryptocurrency however, you will soon see that characters can experience loss that cannot be recovered. This space operates in a grey area when you look at security, jurisdiction and even regulation as well. MyCrypto is focused on education and they also have a very strong dedication to their users as well. The lsos of the private key is super important and it cannot be replaced either. If you do happen to lose this then you also will lose all of your funds. The main goal is to try and empower users so that they are able to access way more important information so that this does not happen again.

One con or even downside of this is that they have very high transaction fees. You also have to experience a ton of long delays as well. This all happened while the transactions were waiting to be cleared and in some instances it can mean the difference between winning and losing. This is the last thing that you need and it can cause you major problems in the future.

A Bitcoin option and even trade option called Deribit has introduced something called Deribit Perpetual. This is a trading platform and it helps to track the Bitcoin price. It also does this via effective trading and it also means that it is going to make trading even more efficient as well. The company have claimed that the trading platform is able to handle thousands, if not more order requests every single second. It also has a transaction speed of a few milliseconds per order.  They have spent the first 6 months of 2018 and that this is going to try and help optimise the infrastructure as well. They are also going to help people deal with enormous volumes of transfers and server nodes can be added at any moment. They have an incredibly flexible infrastructure and this ultimately means that every trading book can be replicated and it also means that traders can take positions without having to exchange Bitcoin as well. The platform’s super low fees make it even more possible for traders to take large positions and they also have a very small capital outlay.

The fees are able to be kept very low and this is because you rely on the volume. This comes from Jansen who works at the company. Since then they have done millions of trading every single day and they have the revenue that they need to expand as well. The Deribit Perpetual was only launched a few weeks ago, but ever since, it has been a huge success.


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