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Donald Trump Is Making Bitcoin An Election Issue For 2020


The cryptocurrency world has been left somewhat reeling after Donald Trump unleashed an attack on cryptocurrency. He branded them as being unregulated assets and that they are based on nothing but thin air. Trump has catapulted the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by making comments like this. He’s made it into a presidential issue and he has also given a lot of recognition to the Bitcoin technology too. Trump’s attack on Bitcoin has given some level of validation to the US candidates who want to chat about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and more. This could quite possibly be the biggest bull signal for Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is now a global issue and now people are going to start embracing a mix of the sovereign and non-sovereign currency. Bitcoin and the community have taken Trump’s tweets as some kind of endorsement and they have also focused on the blockchain technology overall. A lot of people have dreamt of this moment and now the president himself has responded, it’s safe to say that this is the positive movement that has been needed for quite some time.

The market has not reacted to the cryptocurrency tweets much, but market watches have expected that there is going to be a positive boost from giving cryptocurrency some degree of airtime. Even though Donald Trump isn’t a huge fan of Bitcoin, the fact that he is mentioning it at all is bullish for the whole market. Mati Greenspan, who is a senior marketing analyst agrees, and he has also stated that the price has been rising so far. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency interest is coming from big tech companies and presidential hopefuls have also released a statement saying that there is now a chance for the opposition to respond. One candidate, Andrew Yang has praised Bitcoin in the past and the technology that is used. The blockchain really does have a lot of potential and at some point, it could even make things way more transparent and efficient.

Yang, who has campaigned for a universal income for quite some time, has stated that he would love to see every single American receive over $1,000 per month. He announced last year that he would be accepting any campaign donations in BTC. He is also open to receiving them in Ethereum, and other currencies too. Tulsi Gabbard is another presidential hopeful. He has invested in ETH and even Litecoin. This happened at the peak of the epic bull run that saw Bitcoin soar from $1000 to $20,000 in 12 months alone. Trump has made Bitcoin a valid issue to say the least, but right now there is nothing stopping what is happening and that the race to the White House has now begun. It’s safe to say that other candidates could be making Bitcoin a bigger part of their campaign and this would bring about interesting results.


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