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XRP Is Not Ripple


XRP is not classed as being Ripple and Ripple in-turn, is not classed as being XRP. This is coming from the PR firm that happen to represent Ripple and they are continually saying that XRP is a digital asset. After all, when you look at the thousands of articles that are shared on the internet and even the statistics that come with them, you will soon see that the two have been inseparable since they started out. Of course, Ripple may now want to be known for selling the software that they have but they have also been riding on the name of XRP for quite some time now. You can even go onto Ripple’s site and find out all the information you need to know about XRP and this includes how to trade it. Ripple are a technology company and they are one of the most valued companies in the history of cryptocurrency. They are still the third most valuable currency company in the world but somewhere along the way. Ripple have made people very rich and this is an important factor that you need to take note of.

So if XRP is not actually classed as being Ripple, then what on earth is it? Ripple’s own people seem to have a very difficult time in understanding the concept of this and the chief marketing strategist has come out to say that XRP is a digital asset. It can be traded on its own and it is also owned by a lot of people in a lot of different places. They own a lot of XRP themselves but it is a known fact that Ripple own and sell computers and software, not currency.

Steve Jobs may have found a Newton-like device at one point but when you look at the corporate history, you could not see any confusion. Both the currency and even the company were founded by the same people and the company Ripple own well over half of XRP, but they are not the same. Ripple try to stress that the two are not one of the same and that they do want to provide investors with the distinctive help they need to try and invest properly.

Ripple hold well over 60 billion XRP and 55 billion are still in escrow right now. Some have stated that this is making them decentralised. This is where the problem lies and the problem is that SEC did not include ripple or even XRP for that matter. These two are not securities at all and it leaves the fact that the SEC have not included Ripple or XRP. These two are not securities for that reason but it is hard to see why the XRP token was not even mentioned at all. When you look at the SEC ruling, you’ll see that if this is unfavourable then this will tear down XRP in general. It could even spell out some serious trouble for them if they happen to fail their own Howey Test. Sure- centralisation is one thing but things may have gone to far to question how XRP can be utilised. David Schwartz who is the chief cryptographer for the currency has stated that the protocol can in fact work without XRP. There are sceptics out there who believe that the XRP token exists so that it can fund Ripple and all of the inflation that comes with it, but this is not the case at all. The escrow management does allow 1 billion XRP to flow through Ripple’s own company every single time they need it.


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