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What Is Bitcoin And How Can You Invest?


Bitcoin really has revolutionised the way that a lot of people handle money. The main thing that you have to think about here is if it is here to stay or not. If you want to find out more then take a look below to try and get all of the information you need.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is changing the way that we use the money that we have. This is the case even though Bitcoin is not a physical currency at all, and that is why so many people are interested in it in general. Bitcoin can actually be used to buy anything you want, whether it is a pizza or even a luxurious hotel room. The main problem that a lot of people have however is that they have no idea how to invest Bitcoin and they also have no idea how they can possibly get rich from it either. So what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is all in a digital form and it can be used to buy absolutely anything alone. It was also created by someone who chooses to remain anonymous. The only name that we know is Satoshi Nakamoto, which is of course, a fake name. Bitcoin is known for working very differently to online payments and the main reason for this is because there is no middleman. There is nobody else involved in the transaction and this alone helps to make the whole concept very unique. There are no banks involved in the transaction either, and  created by an anonymous figure who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

People tend to use Bitcoin because it helps people to buy illicit things online. This is one of the many reasons why people are concerned about it. On top of this, it makes international payments much easier because it doesn’t have to meet any regulations. Consumers are always fall victim to scammers and even other currency investments as well.

So how much is it worth? Bitcoin has suffered from some incredibly volatile movements over these last few months. Last month it happened to plunge down to £4,775 and this is after the South Korean currency exchange Coinrail was hacked. This lost over $40 million in total and it is only just starting to regain some ground. That brings about the question, how do you buy currency? You can buy Bitcoin with different currencies and you can also do this directly from other marketplaces as well. These are called Bitcoin Exchanges. People also have the ability to send Bitcoins to one another and they can also do this in the same way that people can conduct transactions as well. These Bitcoins are also stored in a digital wallet as well. This is a virtual bank account and this can be accessed by a cloud or even a user computer. At the end of the day, there have been a lot of security issues with digital wallets and there have also been issues with servers being hacked as well. Online crooks are continually floating around with people’s money and this is something that really does need to be taken into account.

Experts are incredibly divided over whether or not Bitcoin is going to serve as either a threat or even as an opportunity. When you look at the FSB, you will soon see that these are international watchdogs. They have released a huge report stating that cryptocurrencies do not pose as a material risk to the global financing system. Governments are continually growing in terms of their concern and most of this stems from the fact that they don’t have much control over Bitcoin. The general way that things are going right now means that Bitcoin is never going to be invested in heavily. They also state that you should never invest more than you are afraid to lose either. Another rule is to use your own hardware wallet and also don’t buy all of the Bitcoins that you need in a single transaction. When you look at the future, it is difficult to say whether or not Bitcoin is going to be something that is going to have a huge impact on the future but the general idea is that it could possibly crash soon.


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