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What Happens When The Cryptocurrency Bubble Bursts?


A lot of people wonder what is going to happen when the cryptocurrency bubble bursts. Bitcoin is quite possibly the most original and even the most valuable cryptocurrency assets. It has plummeted from $19,000 to $6,000 and the slide has coincided with the introduction of the bitcoin futures contract. This has been brought in by the Cboe Global Marketing Group and even  by the CME Group as well. Chloe Cornish and even Hannah Murphy have stated that the cryptocurrency bubble has burst and the total market capitalisation has climbed by a significant amount. This is according to CoinMarketCap. Now when you look at the market you will find that it has lost three quarters of its value and that it is also rising to $200bn as well. The shrinking market value of the digital assets come with the volatility of the mainstream financial market. People are now stating that the hype has gone and that punters and even traders have also gone with them. Simon Taylor who is the former VP for Barclays has stated that Bitcoin is an original and it is also the more valuable when compared. Sure, it might have plummeted but advocates have seen Bitcoin controlled by an authority. Advocates have seen that Bitcoin has a store value but the history that it has- is currently being marketed by rallies and even by share drops as well. Scot Weiss is an Arizona Lawyer and he has bought his Bitcoin when it was at the highest price. He says that he is not in fact an experienced investor, because he is a lawyer. He has reflected on his losses saying that these are the types of mistakes that people make. They happen to get caught up in the hype and he is not alone with this. A lot of advocates are exuding criticism and they are also known for their adverts under the London tube service as well. The problem is that the market is not scaling back despite the slump. Some people are saying that the rush is coming to capital that can build services to try and sustain the nascent community and industry.


Any attempts to try and open an exchange or even an open traded fund for Bitcoin means that thee is going to be a step taken towards a cold shoulder and this is especially the case when you look at US regulators. The Winklevoss Twins are known for being early Facebook investors and they run the exchange that is known as being Gemini. They are specialists in the field when it comes to the stock market and they are also able to seize volatility as well. They are known for offering cryptocurrency based incentives and they also charge punters a lot of fees. They are known for making quite a profit and a lot of them even raised by 418%. This is quite possibly the highest level of interest when you look at any cryptocurrency product so this is something that you need to take into account when the time does come for you to get started.


Peter Hetherington has warned that Bust is the word. He is the IG’s own chief executive. He has stated that prices are in fact tumbling. Bitcoin investors seem to have retreated to holding and this is suggested by the research of Unchained Capital. This is a start-up company that happens to lend cash against any type of cryptocurrency. It’s important to know that the slide for Bitcoin actually happens to coincide with the introduction for the Bitcoin futures. This has been conducted by the CME Group and they also work by providing investors with hedging opportunities.


Of course, the demise of a once traded currency is coming to a halt and when you look at names such as SpankChain and even Dentacoin you will see that they managed to suck money out of a very overheated market. Entrepreneurs also have tokens and initial coin offerings as well. There are unlocked pools of money and these are mostly held by investors. This is a very attractive proposition and it is going to be at a very early stage when you look at rich quick schemers. After all, who doesn’t want the chance to try and print their own money? That’s exactly what Michel Rauchs who is the lead at the Cambridge University Centre thinks. He has stated that the messaging app has so far been able to raise a total of $1.6 billion in cash from investors to try and fund their own development for a cryptocurrency. Tokens don’t really offer investors any chance of protection and they also let their cryptocurrency holdings pile in. Groups of traders have tried to pump up the price of coins that aren’t traded too often and they have also sold them for artificially high prices. This happened in January as this was the height of the cryptocurrency fever. 39 currencies that had a market capitalisation of $1 billion or more were mostly affected. Now people have realised that these tokens don’t happen to produce capitalisations like this any more,  people are not as interested. 15 coins have reached this amount so far and a lot of tokens have also been abandoned as well. Of course, there is absolutely no telling what could happen after this point but it is safe to say that there is going to eb so much happening in the cryptocurrency world and it is certainly going to have a huge impact on those who are involved.



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