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West Virginia Is Now The First State In The US To Use Blockchain In Their Elections


West Virginia is shortly going to become the very first state in the US to use blockchain technology. It is going to be used in the voting process and the first time that we are going to see it is going to be during the Senate Election on May 8th. This will be done through a mobile-based application and it will only be available to those who have been deployed. Additionally, they will have to be residents of Harrison County or Monongalia County. It will also be available to their spouses and their dependents as well.

Until now, those who have been deployed in other parts of the world have had to use more conventional methods in order to participate in elections and the voting process. Currently they are able to cast their vote or ballot by email, fax or general mail. Service members are denied their right to anonymity and half the time they have no idea if their votes have even been received.

The blockchain mobile app will not only offer these soldiers complete anonymity and it will also help to give them a good level of transparency as well. This is especially the case with those military members, and their dependents, who are from the pilot counties. Secretary Warner who has served over 23 years in the Army has stated that he thinks that blockchain is a brilliant movement and that it should be supported by everyone.

After all, the goal of the app is to offer a good level of anonymity to those who are deployed and it is also designed to give the military personnel a secure way of voting. On top of this, it does it in a way that is accessible and a way that is verifiable as well. The project is currently being carried out by the Office of the Secretary of the State in West Virginia in partnership with other strategic investors. This includes Tusk/Montgomery, Blockchain Trust Accelerators, Philanthropies and even New America.

So with the voting process, the person who is voting must first be able to submit a postcard. This will have to be a Federal Post Card Application and it also needs to be sent to the county clerk. It is more than possible for this to be done by email. When the participant has then been confirmed by the clerk of the county, they are then free to download the new app before casting their vote.

The first user to ever use the app was actually Scott Warner. He is the son of Secretary Warner and he is in Italy at the moment due to deployment. He thinks that the whole process is slick and he really appreciates the role that it will play in helping servicemen and women to get the support they need when it comes to voting.

Many organizations are using blockchain at the moment and a lot of people have already started to implement this technology as well. After all, when you look at the facts, it isn’t hard to see why it is able to offer such a high level of immutability.

Blockchain enabled voting would be referred to as “BEV” and it would completely restore faith in the entire process. In the wake of apparent Russian interference in the US election in 2016, blockchain technology is now becoming more and more attractive. After all, there are no central points within the blockchain that would allow interference from outside influences, and now the ledger is available to the entire network as well. Everyone can feel confident knowing that their vote is being counted and they can also rest assured knowing that the centralized nature of blockchain cannot be interfered with by anyone.


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