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Tron’s Founder Only Needs A Day To Win The Blockchain Election


Justin Sun is the founder of Tron and he is an unconventional candidate to say the least when it comes to the Blockchain election. He wanted to become a super representative for Tron and he also wanted to announce his candidacy for everyone as well. Sun has been granted enough votes so that he can now run one of the 27 nodes. This is going to operate on the $2.5 billion Tron network. At the time of writing this, Sun had nearly 120 million votes and this is according to the Tronscan feature. Candidates need to have around 100 million votes if they do ever want to be elected and each TRX counts for a single vote. It has been reported by Coindesk that Tron have kicked off their own election and this happened in June. They launched their own proprietary blockchain. The blockchain was meant to run on its own and this is currently why the process of mitigating TRX tokens when it comes to the network and even the new platform that is present at the moment as well.

Sun has come out to say that he hopes that his candidacy will help all of those who are holding TRX at the moment and even the supporters of those believe that the significance is going to be in the voting. He wants this to be a truly decentralised Tron community and this is especially interesting to say the least.

Sun’s own decision was not unexpected to say the least. It was made apparent in April that he is going to participate in the election and later on he stated that it is a completely personal action. He has also come out to say that he is not going to be representing the Tron foundation and this is because he is the CEO. He has also promised the foundation are not actually going to use their 34+ billion tokens so they can vote in the election but he did say that he wasn’t going to list his personal holdings in the announcement.

Sun has sought to try and downplay the idea of this and even the impact that it is going to have on the community as well. He is determined to try and go through the whole selection process just like everyone else. He believes that this will also help people to understand how open the process is and he also believes that it will help you to be more open and far more inclusive as well.

When you look at other super representative candidates, you will see that Sun did not publish the manifesto and this often contains information about the candidates and even the hardware that they plan on using to operate the node. Tron is an ongoing election at the moment but it is safe to say that this is going to be a part of a much bigger blockchain. You may find that there are notable projects that are also experimenting with more novel ways so that they can try and coordinate with stakeholders so that they can all stay up to date with the project happenings.

Neo is the 12th largest blockchain when you look at the total value. When you look at the founders and the fact that they are exclusive, you will see that it is making huge advances when compared. Sun’s announcement however was greeted with some level of scepticism. This is especially the case when you look at the Tron users and the people who are investing in the idea. One Reddit user questioned Sun’s own rhetoric of democracy. They commented saying that people love democracy and that it is a great way to get people to love you. The problem is that now he is in control, people don’t like him. Other people have even said that Sun’s own candidacy would bring around some level of criticism on the project. They have stated that they are plagiarising the paper and they are not attributing the code either. When you look at the results however, you will see that they have only been concluded recently but it remains to be seen if there is going to be a long-lasting impact on the whole project. They have however managed to make global headlines and this is because they have acquired Bittorrent. The Tron foundation and even Justin Sun have not requested for comments right now.


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