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Tron is Being Visited by Twitter- Here’s What Justin Sun Seems to be Planning Now


It would certainly appear that Tron, or TRX is making another move. The cryptocurrency seems to be planning a partnership with Twitter. Of course, there haven’t been  any official announcements made right now but Twitter’s recent visit to the Tron office certainly shows that the currency is making some kind of move. It’s important to know that there is a lot of speculation about what is coming next, but it is safe to say that it is something big.

So are Tron expected to make a deal? Tron have been known for making a lot of ground breaking deals. They have also been known for making a lot of partnerships over the last few years, and all of them have been very strategic to say the least. In fact, the currency has shown absolutely no signs of stopping right now and there could be a lot of other partnerships being made as well. It looks like they are fishing for some bigger fish right now and this is especially the case when you look at the recent developments that have been made. Twitter’s officials have visited Tron’s offices very recently and it seems that there have some very important topics discussed as well. The only thing that we know for sure is that Twitter has been to visit Tron and the only reason for this is because it has been confirmed by Justin Sun. Justin Sun has made some huge moves and he is known for being a very unpredictable leader. He has also lead Tron to experiencing some huge victories as well. A lot of the decisions that were made recently were not made public but this is only until they managed to secure the deals themselves. The community have also become used to speculating what might be coming next and that is a very interesting concept to say the least.

So Tron has, so far entered a relationship with PornHub and they are known for posting adult content. They have stated that Tron is going to be a legitimate payment option and that this is a huge move forward for the currency. Before that however, Tron had managed to partner up with a company known as Shift Market. They are known for their Start a Broker program and this helped to launch more than 100 brokerages so far. They also have 50 currency exchanges as well. Of course, this is especially interesting when you look at the fact that they are trying to create a market that is worldwide even to this day. Let’s not forget the fact that Tron have recently acquired a company known as BitTorrent. This is a move that a lot of fans expected for quite some time. Nobody knew when this move was going to happen and this is what gave the currency a lot of publicity when compared.

There are also a lot of speculations that Tron may be working on a partnership with a company known as Alibaba. Twitter’s own visit however suggests that something is not right and a lot of people believe that the partnership with the platform is going to be announced very soon.  Tron were not even lacking partnerships before they went ahead and launched their Main Net. This happened last month and ever since this platform did go live, it proved that the Tron ecosystem is in fact stable. New partnerships have started to appeal all over and with that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if an announcement was made in the next few weeks. Tron isn’t just looking for new partnerships so that they can improve their business however, because they are also trying to help people out. In fact, they have also earmarked $20,000 for the 10 projects that they have going on right now so this is a positive move to say the least.

This move was made to try and encourage people to create various apps and this is especially the case when you look at the potential that is available. Tron is going to carry on growing and TRX may even be able to challenge Ethereum when you look at everything that it has to offer.

Tron is going on to experience a ton of success so far and this is especially the case when you look at what it has to offer.




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