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Tron Has Given Out An Iphone X To Facebook Contest Winners


Justin Sun is the founder and the CEO of Tron. Yesterday he came out with an announcement to say that the winner of the Facebook Video Contest has been rewarded with an iPhone X. The other winners will get $100 worth of Amazon gift cards. The winner of the contest is Sofia Verga and she has received an Iphone X and this comes from Justin Sun himself. The other winners included 5 different people. Of course, it should be noted that the Video Contest and this is a bounty program. Tron is starting this for its own community and it gives the members of the community the chance to win the brand new Iphone. Once their video has been uploaded and when it has been declared as being awesome, you will then be in with a chance of winning the prize. Of course, the idea behind this is to try and increase the popularity that Tron has to offer when you look at the social media platform. The team have stated that this round of the contest is going to end on the 3rd of August. The contest was created so that anyone who follows the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun on Facebook could be in with a chance of winning. If you do want to win then all you have to do is make a video. The video has to highlight the currency and it also has to be edgy as well. They were looking for people that really stood out from the crowd. The people who participated would have to share the video on their own personal Facebook page and then with 10 friends tagged. They would also have to tag Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation. This is a fantastic way for Tron to get way more popularity and if you think about it, if every 1 person goes ahead and tags 10, this can really boost their popularity level.

The person who gets the highest amounts of likes and even shares as well would be given an Iphone X. The five others who came close would then be able to choose from an Amazon gift card or even TRX. The TRX would be of an equivalent value. Tron really does encourage people to participate in the community and it is incredible to say the least that so many people have taken place so far. Now it’s important to know that this is not the first bounty contest that Tron has made available to all of those who follow them. In July they released another contest and this gave the winner a sum of 10,000 TRX. The contest was to do with voting guidance with Tron SR and this was about a week long.

Now you’re probably wondering how they were able to get so many videos from all different countries. The videos were filmed in different languages and the hundreds that were available were all aimed at trying to increase the amount of people who are voting with SR. Six great videos came from the five people who were selected and so far 10,000 TRX tokens have been handed out. Tron are getting bigger by the year and this is after they are going through more and more acquisitions. They have also announced that they have acquired the domain Blockchain.org and this is a huge step forward for them.


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