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The Winklevoss Brothers Have Scored Yet Another Crypto Patent


Gemini founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have been seeking out the creation of a Bitcoin exchange fund for quite some time now. Sure, that hasn’t come into play yet but a company that is known for being tied to the two brothers has won yet another US patent. This is related to the creation of exchange products and how they relate to digital assets. The patent was originally given to a firm known as Winklevoss IP LLP and both the brothers are widely known as being investors. They are working alongside Kathleen Hill Moriarty and even Evan Louis Greebel as well. The patent was awarded on June 19th and it details as being a method for providing an exchange product that has the ability to hold a digital math based asset. On top of this, it is the issuance of shares that are tied to the ETP as well. It has also been added that it adds to the body of intellectual property. An ETP such as an ETF is a type of security and the price of this is derived from the other investments. In this case, it is known as being cryptocurrencies. As it was noted by Coindesk, the brothers over at Winklevoss won a patent last month and this is a system that helps to settle transactions for those who work in ETPS. This is especially the case with those that are tied to cryptocurrencies. When you look at the other patent, you will see that the award for this week names a huge range of currencies and this includes major ones such as Bitcoin and even Monero as well. Publicly available data states that this week’s patent is the seventh crypto-related patent of its time. The US Securities and Exchange party have denied a proposal from the Winklevoss brothers in March 2017, stating that they wanted to list an ETH. They stated that the rules of a national exchange are designed to try and prevent fraud and even manipulative acts from happening, especially if they do not protect the public interest.


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