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The Ultimate Goal For Cryptocurrency Is For Money To Move Invisibly


A lot of people have come out to say that it is cryptocurrencies’ goal to try and move money invisibly. A businessman known as Schwartz was looking for something new in 2011 and at that time, people were starting to explore the blockchain to try and find out if there was a way to try and avoid any central oversight. Schwartz himself does not identify as being a libertarian at all but he has purchased quite a few Bitcoin in the past and he agrees with the details of the movement. He is troubled by the fact that money is controlled so centrally and he is also annoyed at the fact that banks are able to decide if they do business with him or not. On top of this, if they say no then he does not have the chance to get a hearing in a court of law and he does not get to confront the people who are saying this either. He believes that banks are enforcing the law in a way that doesn’t have any kind of normal protection. He believes that people are disintermediating the regulators and that they can never be domestically accountable either.  Schwartz has met Jed McCaleb who is known as being the founder of the Mt Gox exchange. They met in a coffee shop and Jed then went to share an idea that he had come up with. He called it NewCoin and by the end of the conversation, the two had come to the conclusion that they would then be able to build something very similar to Bitcoin and that they would also be able to do this for far less energy. On top of this, they also believed that they would be able to reduce the transaction time as well and this is especially interesting to say the least. Schwartz objective at the time was just to find out if what he had heard was true. He wanted to work on a code that would actually underpin the XRP community. After a month he had then reached the point where he was able to prove that this was possible and that it could work. The problem is that they had no idea what it would be good for. The process can be compared to creating  a new material. After all, you have to think about if it is light, if it is strong and even if it can be manufactured as well. You also have to think about whether it is durable and if it is going to rust. When you take all of this into account, is it good for anything? This is a process that Schwartz and McCaleb had to go through.

The duo joined forces and they also brought on another programmer soon after. He was known as Arthur Britto. He was going to help finish up the architecture foe what would eventually be known as XROP. In 2012, the duo went on to write the code and they also hired Chris Larsen as well. he had worked at Prosper Loans and he soon joined Ripple. He went out and hired a ton of global banks so that they would be able to find out which versions of the technology were the best ones. Of course, McCaleb then left and he became disgruntled at the way that things were going. He then decided to form Stellar Lumens. He took his knowledge from Ripple and this caused the two to have a rift between them. Schwartz went on to develop two main financial tools. This would become the first core offering from Ripple and he also designed a financial interface as well. This would give people the chance to send payments across the globe and it would also help them to be much more transparent when compared. It would even help the payments to be done faster and he also helped the banks to facilitate this kind of transaction. If you are then able to move transactions to a shared ledger then this would only allow those who had permission to access it. Ripple then claimed that they would be able to facilitate the transactions in a couple of seconds when compared to a couple of days and this was a huge deal at the time. It didn’t take long at all for banks to start turning their heads so that they would see the potential that Ripple had. They even made an advisory team that consisted of bank managers and this would be a huge step forward for the company. That being said, they still have the same goal and that is to try and move currency from one place to another without having any influence from anyone else. The bank’s interest coincided with that of Ripple. This is because Bitcoin had rocketed and even though there has been a lot of confusion, things are finally getting on the right track for the currency.


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