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The Forger From Catch Me If You Can Believes That Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Is The Future

112210 Photo by Jeffrey Langlois/Palm Beach Daily News. Frank Abagnale Jr. before speaking during the Forum Club Monday at the Cohen Pavilion.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been continually applauded for his role in playing Frank Abagnale, who was a forger in real life, but then turned to help the FBI solve their cases. The original Frank Abagnale has made a very bold prediction and he has stated that blockchain technology is the future, and that it could even help data settlement and secure information processing as well. He has come out by saying that it would be ignorant not to even think that blockchain is paving the way for the future, and that he thinks that it is easily the best and easiest way to secure information. He has also stated that accounting firms are going to start moving to blockchain, and keeping their records there as well. He went on to say that you cannot break the blockchain and that you can’t hack it as well, and coming from him, that is quite a statement. One thing’s for sure, and that’s the fact that you can’t ever change or undo anything once it has made its way into the blockchain. His words should be heeded by all of those who have an interest in the world of cryptocurrency, and there’s one reason why.

He became a master forger from the age of 15 and he did this until he was 21 years of age. He was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and he went on to impersonate an airline pilot. He also went on to forge a ton of fake cheques and then stole huge sums of money by cashing them in. He was eventually captured and then imprisoned in the state of Miami and he later went on to become an FBI agent. His job was to help the FBI capture other forgers and he also went on to try and make financial fraud even more difficult. He runs Abagnale and Associates as well, and this is a financial fraud consultation company.

He has stated that it would be impossible to commit fraud if everything worked through the blockchain. He also believes that you would have to be super foolish to not see that it is an incredible technology and that eventually it is going to be adopted by businesses, corporations, governments and more. At the end of the day, cryptocurrency is very much like everything else and it is going to take quite some time for people to get used to it. When asked if he thought that the currencies are safe, he replied that he gets asked this all the time, and that the only financial method of payment that doesn’t come with risk is a credit card. This is because the federal law takes complete control of the payment and they take the liability that comes with it away from you. He has continued to stress that adoption may take a while before it can be truly materialised and this is because the BTC and ETH currencies are technically still in their infancy. These technologies may take well over 10 years before they can be adopted and this even applied to the internet at one point. Nobody believed that the internet could become as big as it has done, and now our daily lives depend on it.


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