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Tempo Money And Coinbase Are Behind The Stellar Lumens Price Spike


Tempo Money Transfer is very well established when it comes to international remittances. They are a company that have launched a new service that consists of cryptocurrency and fiat operations. They believe that they can give people the chance to walk out of their desks and then buy a crypto currency using cash. They have also announced that they are going to be adopting Stellar Lumens XLM as well and that this is going to be the mediating currency for all of the transfers.

A couple of days ago, the Coinbase influential exchange has announced that they are doing their own due diligence when it comes to deciding if XLM is going to be on their site or not. Both of these announcements have made the XLM surge happen at a time when the coin has been going downhill for months. Analysts are even talking about the gains that are being in the two digits. Stellar, or XLM has been up by around a tenth of the total amount. From yesterday it went up even more and so far it has gone up by around 8%. That is by around 21% in the last couple of days as well. The increase in trading volume has been very impressive to say the least and it has also risen by around 74% and this is especially the case when you look at the span between last Friday and even Saturday as well. Binance are a central player when it comes to the trade and they control around 40% of everything that happens in the trade as well. When you look at the current value you will see that the capitalisation is at 6 billion dollars and this makes it the seventh biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

It has been reported that Coinbase is going to be including five new currencies for the trade of finance. XLM is one of the assets that is going to be considered and they are also under construction as well. This is especially the case when you look at Cardano’s very ADA. This is known as ZCash and after the Bitcoin Cash fiasco you will see that Coinbase is trying to do everything they can to play it safe. They have also accompanied the announcement with some level of clarification as well.

The coins that are being used for consideration you will see that there has not been any decisions made as of yet. There are so many guarantees that are going to be included and on top of this, they are listed but this could only be for a few geographic zones. Coinbase is a virtual currency exchange and it has a huge emphasis on usability as well. For this reason it carries a huge range of cryptocurrency coins. This includes Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin and even Ethereum as well. It is the largest when you look at the base and this is especially the case when you look at the vast number of clients that they have as well. This makes them one of the world’s biggest and most influential currency traders around. They have shown that they can offer a much bigger spectrum and they have also shown that they are one of the most desirable exchanges as well. Tempo at the moment is already global. They have a ton of business from the Western side of Europe and this spans all the way across to Central America as well. They are everywhere and you can look at them as being THE European Union in the west. Some time ago, the company announced that they had the intentional to try and incorporate digital possessions into their services and they wanted to let the world know that their fiat business would then use Stellar’s XLM as the currency so that they could try and mediate any transactions. Tempo can easily transact on the XLM network and this has been done nearly half a million times when you look at the cost for one cent. This will ultimately lower costs in a spectacular way and it is the users who will benefit from this. Stellar named this partnership as being the largest payment of any network on the global exchange. When you look at how strong the position is for Europe you will soon see that this could help to turn Stellar into the tool that is required for Euro and USD transfers. This also means no feat and it could even be the worst nightmare for Ripple as well. The existing Tempo remittance shows that Tempo has the ability to offer a quick cash out process. They do this in more countries than one and it also shows that they are trying to expand their system as well.


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