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Stellar Lumens Really Could be on the Verge on a Huge Breakout


Stellar Lumens is at an interesting point to say the least. It is expected to get some huge gains from here on and when you look at the current market correction you will soon see that it has come to an end. Stellar looks to be all set when you look at the Altcoin rally and from this point, you really have to ask yourself if this is going to mean great things for the future. There is an answer to all of this however, but the whole thig is much more complicated than it looks. Stellar Lumens is a lot like Ripple when you look at the price action. It also has a very similar correction as well. If the market was to recover from this point then Stellar could be expected to recover as well. The trendline for Stellar was at the beginning of the year and it has held on so far. It could experience even better gains in the future, but only time will tell if this is the case.

The more sophisticated explanation as to why Stellar could reach such big gains is because Stellar Payments are reaching 2.0 at the moment. This means that any transactions could be done faster than ever before. It’s impossible that some might argue that Stellar and even Ripple have two distinct markets and that they serve two different purposes. After all, Stellar is supposed to be a peer to peer network and it is supposed to connect to two different parties. In other words, Stellar really does give the power to the people. It gives them the chance to manage their own bank account and it also gives them the chance to exchange the value amongst themselves.

When you look at the middlemen, you will soon see that XRP is able to empower a ton of financial institutions. You will also see that they serve as intermediaries for any online transactions. This is even the case for cross-border payments as well. XRP wants to power the bank instead of the people, but this could be why the community see Stellar as being the number one investment when compared. Of course, Ripple has also experienced a ton of legal trouble over the last few years and it could also affect a ton of future prospects as well. This could be the case when you look at the XRP tokens as well so this is a very important concept that you need to take into account.

When Bitcoin came onto the market, a lot of people thought that it was actually going to replace the fiat currency. Some even thought that it would go on to be a universal method of payment. It is still even possible to see Bitcoin as being accepted in this way, and you might even say that it is a mode of payment when you look at the price fluctuations as well. When you think about the fact that the BTC cap is in the trillions as well, it is becoming more like store value. It isn’t a method of payment at all and it will probably never be seen as this way either. When you look at Stellar or XLM however, you will soon see that this is a better method of payment. Stellar is continuing to trade in a falling motion but it has a better shot at being used as a payment option. It is probably going to have its first major breakout moment very soon, and this is something that you need to watch out for.


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