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Stellar Lumens Is Still Performing Rather Well On The Market


Stellar Lumens remains 8th on the market and it has shown incredible and drastic changes over the last couple of days. When you look at EOS and Bitcoin Cash you will find that they are experiencing a huge growth and this is a huge achievement for them. This is a great way for Stellar to keep hold of their position and they are also experiencing a huge percentage growth on the market as well. Of course, it’s important to know that the volume percentage growth has declined from the previous mark and it has gone from over 70% to 31% in the space of 7 days. Even though this is the case, Lumens is still going on about the achievements they have made and the percentage volume is still rather impressive.

Stellar is valued as being $0.375043 and this shows that they have had a total surge of 0.27%. Stellar is not holding back in terms of their marketing activities and they are also going to promote the blockchain and the currency that they have as well. It is also planning on hosting an event in Dubai for those who are wanting to have a chat with the founder of OTC Supply. There are also going to be presentations by the Stellar ecosystem partners who are Mobius and NEC Payments.

It’s important to know that Stellar is not alone in the way that they are increasing. ETH, XRP and even ADA are all increasing and they have all shown similar numbers. Ethereum’s own volume has increased to 33.06% and they are showing no signs of slowing down. There are other currencies who have overtaken Stellar and they do not fall into the same bracket as the other coins. BCH is valued at $1,383.96 and they have had a 19.10% surge in the last day alone. Bitcoin Cash have also seen a percentage increase of well over 84% and this is showing that it is leaving its competition way behind in the dirt.

EOS have also shown an increase to 43.78% and this is in the last 7 days. As more and more people are showing an interest in technology, it’s safe to say that things like this have the chance to really change the world.


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