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Stellar Lumens And NEO Have Both Risen By Over 16%


Stellar Lumens has been enjoying a ton of success as of late. XLM’s own blockchain makes money transfers safe, quick and efficient. It also makes it so reliable banks and even financial institutions can invest in this as well. They are all jumping on the wagon and this is creating a ton of demand. With all of this is happening, more and more investors are choosing to follow and this can only mean good things for the currency.

XLM has a market cap of well over $8 billion and this happened at the time this article hit the press. The coin is valued at $0.43 at the moment and the cryptocurrency market has experienced a huge 15.44% surge. On top of this, all of this movement has happened over the last 7 days and it is also ranked as being number 8 on the top-rated cryptocurrency board. Stellar Lumens is now being supported by CEX.IO and the benefits that come with this are truly endless. The price has increased by a ton recently and they have also benefited from the fact that the coin has gone on to experience traction through various messaging apps as well. This coin will be the first altcoin to really benefit from money transfers and it will also benefit from a ton of instant messaging apps as well.

Stellar Lumens is about to join Lobstr which is a high-tech trading platform. When you look at this platform you will find that it can easily be used to trade with the touch of a button. You can download it for IOS and you can also download it for Android as well if this is something that you are interested in. Stellar Lumens does not actually grow through earnings, instead it grows through inflation. This means that the whole thing would progress very quickly if they did happen to gain traction. The firm have proclaimed that over 100,000 new coins would be handed out to users every single week as a result and that there are not going to be any charges from this either.

Of course, apart from Stellar, NEO is also on the rise. NEO was actually developed in China and it stands to be one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies out there. It is becoming a true contender. NEO is said to have a blockchain that is very similar to Ethereum and it is also referred to as being the Chinese Ethereum from time to time as well. NEO’s own value has been surging for quite some time and this has been the case since early February. It has reached the highest bank rank it has ever seen and a lot of people are looking forward to seeing its continued success. Of course, it needs to be given the right opportunity for this to happen and a lot of people are speculating that this will happen.

NEO is valued at $86.16 at the moment and it is 11th on the ranking system. On top of this, it has a market cap of $5 billion. It has also had a surge of 16.91% in the last week. Stellar Lumens and NEO are both on the rise and a lot of people are stating that they are going to be in the top 5 in no time at all. This is huge news to say the least.


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