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So Why Are the Sacramento Kings Choosing to Mine ETH?


The Sacramento Kings are known as the Kings in the American sport of basketball. They are in fact based in Sacramento California and they have reached a brand new milestone. This milestone comes out of the NBA bubble and they have essentially become the very first NBA team to invest in the world of cryptocurrency. The Kings have also got the record for being the very first team to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for all of their games as well, and this is incredible to say the least. The professional NBA team have set the stage for the future and they have also unleashed their blueprint as well. They have announced that their partnership would see them as the very first team to try and mine ETH as well. So that brings up the question, why on earth would the Kings choose to do this, and what does it get them in return?

Fans of the Kings know full well that the technological advancement and the forwardness of the NBA from a solar powered point of view is exceptional. They accept payments in BTC after they accepted a partnership with the renowned Bitpay in 2014 and it has been moving forward ever since. The Sacramento Kings have also struck a very open partnership with MiningStore. They are a leading cryptocurrency company and they have worked very hard to try and install some mining machines for the Kings in their very own solar powered garden. The Kings are not mining ETH for their personal benefit or even for their own growth however. So why are the Kings choosing to mine ETH? It is very simple. The principle owner of the Kings is known as being Vivek Ranadive and he has announced that all proceeds from mining ETH will be used for a scholarship program. This is going to be done under the alias, which is MiningForGood. Ranadive explained the charity program is totally aimed at helping the next generation of thinkers. They want to try and create change and they also want to do this in their own respective communities around the world. The Kings have gone on to describe this as a project which is fully designed to try and educate people about technology. The first beneficiary of the project has empowered a ton of black communities. This is called Build Black Coalition. It is located in Sacramento as well. The NBA team are working hard with this organisation and they have all described them as leaders and people who are always willing to the extra mile to enforce a positive change.


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