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Schneiderman Has Probed Winklevoss For The Bitcoin Exchange


Eric Schneiderman has stated that he has sent out 13 letters to various cryptocurrency agencies. The idea behind the letters is that he is trying to find out information about the way that they work and even their personnel. He also wants to know about their privacy, their fraud and even the way that they launder money. This is very interesting to say the least as it could cause quite a stir in the market. This even includes the Gemini exchange that has been founded by Tyler and Cameron. These twins are known as being the Winklevoss twins and they are both Harvard educated. They had a serious tangle with Mark Zuckerberg who went on to found Facebook.

Tyler has stated that he looks forward to working with other people and he also looks forward to any responses that could be submitted as well. He released a statement saying that he wants to carry on embracing the idea of collaboration and even the mission that is designed to help stabilise and build the idea and future of money.

The probe comes from the commission as they are trying to crack down on the trading of digital currencies. They are also trying to trade small and even very light minted through initial coin offerings as well. Cryptocurrency is certainly on the rise and those who are from New York and even across the country have a right to get an absolutely high level of transparency. They also need to know where they are going to invest their money as well.

Bitcoin have also collapsed and it has also dropped by way more than 50% so far. When you look at the other similar currencies that are on the market, such as Ether and even Ripple, you will also see that they have had a very rough ride and that the entire world is cracking down on them. This even includes governments as well.

In addition to Gemini, letters went out to various exchanges and this included Kraken, bitFlyer, Bitfinex and even itBit as well. in this letter, Schneiderman called the virtual currencies speculative and he also stated that it is unstable and that it is incredibly volatile as well. He also stated in the reports that fraudsters and even market manipulators run the currencies and that they are all thieves.


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