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Rockefeller Family To Invest In Cryptocurrency

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Just a few days after the conversion of Soros hit headlines, now the Rockefeller family is ready to follow suit. As some investors see the billionaires’ change of heart as a miracle, financial experts are not surprised.

George Soros who said that cryptocurrency is “mere speculation” in the past was reported as getting ready to invest in the popular crypto market as the prices came down. What investment experts know is that Soros will not enter any market if he cannot take a sizable bite out of it. And now the Rockefellers entering the fray we can only guess that there really is something more than meets the eye. And that something could cause great interest in any amateur investors who think that big guys are always right. Proving just that the Bitcoin has been stable for several days now.

And the latest news is that Venrock, the capital investment arm of the Rockefellers has reportedly signed a partnership with Coinfund for blockchain related businesses and innovations. Coinfund has an advisory role in the cryptocurrency “Kin” launched by the Kik messenger. Jake Brukhman says that “CoinFund also works as an advisory team to companies of all stages exploring blockchain technology and token supplies. Our marquee client is Kik Interactive, Inc. and the Kin Foundation project.” With Rockerfellers laying a rock solid foundation, Kin can become one of the most popular and sought after cryptocurrencies in the world someday. But if one learns from history, caution is the best way to go.

The Rockefellers, arguably the most powerful business family in the world, made their fortune from the petroleum industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. According to Wikipedia their total wealth has never been disclosed to any outsider or even to their wives. But we are sure that their decision to invest in crypto assets would at least make the powerful economies rethink their stance on cryptocurrency.


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