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Ripples Co-Founder Has Opted For A Salary Instead Of XRP


The creator of cryptocurrency, Schwartz is a very ambitious ambassador. He had the chance to have a 2% stake in Ripple but instead he has opted to have a salary instead of the currency that he chose to create. He is however listed as not being a co-founder of Ripple. This is even the case even though he is employee number two and the fact that he is the chief architect as well. Ripple is valued at $4.7 billion right now and it even has a market cap of around $90 million as well. The company itself is on a mission and its goal right now is to try and become the connective tissue for any of the global banks. They have a HQ that is super modern and they could not be more auspicious. If you want to reach their offices then you would have to reach the grand archway. This looks like something that has been taken right out of Italy. On the other side you have the Banks of America and even the US Trust as well. The offices are centrally located and there are also two huge flat-panel displays as well. You even have a black ergonomic keyboard and this is all that there is there. Now to this date, Ripple have worked hard to try and make sure that they introduce a couple of important products. You have XRapid, XVIa, XCurrent and more. They want to try and combat the old-age problem that most banks are facing right now. The main issue is that banks are trying to keep their local currency accounts for the world-use and even for money transfers as well. XRapid is going to free up this money and they are also going to try and lower the costs that are associated with the local currencies as well.  They are also trying to make sure that only permissioned institutions are allowed to use the products that Ripple has to offer. XRapid is more than designed to try and make it much easier for banks to try and use the XRP currency. Anyone can buy this and when you look at the XRP platform you will see that anyone can build on it as well. This in a way, is supposedly going to help Ripple in their quest to try and make XRP into a decentralised currency that can be used for any international banks.


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