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Ripple is Now Being Tested by Direct Currencies


Ripple has been hitting the headlines for a huge number of reasons and this has been happening for months on end. XRP and the foundation that is behind Ripple have now been introduced to a ton of new companies and even diverse partnerships as well. It has also been tested by banks and other related financial institutions and some have even considered it to be a payment service. This is just one of the many reasons why it is the third biggest currency out there and this is another huge win for it. Once again, it seems to be showing extraordinary results and it is always improving as well. This is why so many people are opting to use  Ripple over other currencies such as Bitcoin.

Before Direct Currencies tested the Ripple system so that they could find out if it was suitable for them to use it on their own system. This gives Ripple a huge boost and it has also been tested by the Western Union, Santander, China and the United Arab Emirates as well. When the testing was done on behalf of banks and even financial institutions, Ripple, XVIa and XCurrent proved to be much faster and much easier and simpler to use as well. This is when compared to the traditional and the currently adopted method of sending and receiving payments from all over the globe. With these tests, Ripple and the foundation that support it have really managed to get past the phase where it’s just attracting interest.

Even though Ripple is not fully decentralised when compared to a ton of other blockchain ecosystems, it can really provide a very fast and secure way of sending and even receiving payments from all over the world.

Ripple really does provide a way to send payments without people having to worry about the fee associated with every single transaction. On top of this, the transaction does  not take a long time to complete either.  Ripple payments can be processed in seconds and this is proven through live tests and even private tests as well. Direct Currencies are a UK based company and they offer payment services. They saw potential in Ripple and they decided that businesses could certainly use it in the future. They thought that it could be a neat way to send payments all over the globe and after it was tested thoroughly, the team behind it stated that the testing was in fact a success. They expected this result because of the previous reviews that had been done by other banks, and that is why they are thinking about integrating it into the system that they have now. It is super important to know that the foundation for Ripple did not participate in this testing, and that when Direct Currencies made the decision to go ahead with the test, they did not have any agreement with the foundation to do so.

The team behind the UK company have given a review on Ripple and they have stated that they have come to the conclusion that after a lot of tests, they have found that the whole thing is a huge success. The team have also added that they are in fact planning out their next steps for the technology and that they believe that the whole thing is a game changer. They believe that it will make payments faster, safer and even much more economical as well. They also believe that it will change the way that payments are sent, so it isn’t hard to see why so many people are choosing to accept it as the number one cryptocurrency around when it comes to online payments and transactions.

So how is Ripple doing right now? After two days, it has gone through a bullish trend and a lot of the cryptocurrencies went down trading in the green. It is easy to see that when XRP is put alongside the other currencies, it’s performing well. After the latest change, it’s also easy to see how this could become very big, very fast but only time will tell if the whole thing really does end up being a huge success.


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