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Revolut Have Launched A Metal Debit Card And This Gives You Cashback On Your Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency users are now being given the chance to take advantage of a ton of exclusive benefits. They also have a new way to try and make purchases in the real world as well. This solid metal card is now available and it gives you the chance to spend as much cryptocurrency as you want at any given time. It’s important to know that Revolut is a banking app alternative and it gives you all of the services that you could ever require for a regular bank. The best thing about it is that it can only be used when you go through the app and this is all digital. One good thing about it is that you can easily include trading, investment support and even foreign exchange as well. Five currencies are supported at the moment and they are also being managed alongside fiat currencies as well.


It’s important to know that customers can also get themselves a prepaid credit card and this gives them the chance to make any purchases they want. For right now however they have to pay extra for the privilege that comes from being able to take advantage of the black metal. One good thing about the metal card is that it is completely contactless and it has also been designed with a huge level of attention to detail. It is three times the existing weight of a regular card and it is also made out of reinforced steel. A diamond drill bit is being used to try and create a stunning design and you also have paint particles that are being used to layer the card. This is being used with a physical vapour deposition and you also have your personal details etched into the card. This is, of course, used with a huge, high-precision laser. Standard Revolut cards are in fact free but it is important to know that they don’t come with a ton of benefits. You can pay £6.99 to take advantage of the monthly privilege and this happens to give you the benefits that you need for over a year. You also get the chance to use Premium level perks for a year as well. This ultimately means that you can take advantage of the foreign exchange, free money exchanges and ATM withdrawals as well. Some people even get chance to  take advantage of travel insurance as well and this is incredibly interesting to say the least.


Now it’s important to know that there is a level above this and this is known as being Premium. You will get a heavy metal card and you will also get a concierge service as well. This will give you the chance to facilitate any purchases you need and it is also ideal at helping you to travel to festivals and anywhere else you need. This means that those who are part of this tier won’t have to book their own tickets for things like this because they can easily get someone else to take care of it for them.


Now what’s even more than this is that the new metal card will give you the chance to take care of any cashback every single time that it is used. When you do make purchases out of Europe you will get 1% cashback. It doesn’t mater what you want this paying as because you can get it paid as a cryptocurrency or you can even get it paid to your account as fiat if you want. Purchases that are made inside Europe will attract 1/10th of that. So when Revolut were asked how they are going to protect customers with their credit card they didn’t say much at all. Spokespeople came out to say that all of the currency is kept offline and this ultimately means that it is in a cold storage centre.


Even when the company were asked to provide even more details, they replied saying that they are very tight on security and this is all related to their cryptocurrency. This means that they are not giving out any information to do with it so this is very well played. Customers who want to sign up to this will have to pay £120 every single year. It is possible for you to pay £12.99 a year. This means that you can take advantage of a concierge service, a travel insurance policy and so much more. Revolut have also come out to say that the services that they are able to provide right now will remain unchanged so this is something that you do have to think about when the time does come for you to get started. If you plan on using this card for cryptocurrency then you need to spend £4,000 a year outside Europe. It’s safe to say that the Revolut Metal happens to pay for itself. If you want to use the card in Europe however then you will have to pay way more than this so this is very important for you to keep in consideration. Revolut Metal really is essential when you look at the ages and even the lifestyles of the people who are using it. Some people are even convinced that it is going to be essential for those who are always travelling the world, but only time will tell if this is the case.



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