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Reddit Is Going To Re-Enable Cryptocurrency Payments And Litecoin Support Is Yet To Come


Reddit is the one place where a lot of cryptocurrency experts meet to try and discuss their technology. Back in March, Reddit took down Bitcoin as a payment method and they look to have reversed the progress that they have made. This comes after they enabled it in February 2013 as a payment method for their platform Reddit Gold. Reddit also disabled Bitcoin as a payment method without giving any notice. They did this and left their customers with no option to pay unless it was through Paypal or through a credit card. When customers found out that this was the case, the whole thing ended up on the first page of the Reddit page for Bitcoin and soon after a Reddit administrator responded to the removal. He went on to say that they had problems with the payment through Coinbase and that this lead to them having to disable the payment entirely.

The upcoming Coinbase change has been combined with some bugs regarding the Bitcoin payment option. This affects a ton of purchases for some users and this is the main reason why they removed it from their platform. This comes right from the admin.

Coinbase have made some changes to their own Coinbase commerce and this gave users the chance to accept Bitcoin Payments. They also required all of their merchants to do an upgrade. Reddit, instead of pursuing things further decided to take the whole thing down without any prior warning at all.

Christopher Slowe who is the CTO of Reddit has stated that they are working hard to try and bring Bitcoin back on their platform but this is going to take some time. He also went on to say that they don’t have the time to make this a solution right now and that they are doing everything they can to make it work.


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