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Paul Krugman Has Trolled Ripple But Accidentally Made A Case For Bitcoin


but you still have to try and persuade people to use it for something other than just something to trade. Digital tokens, such as Bitcoin for example and its imitators were all designed to make transactions of every type easier. In today’s world however no transactions are happening at all and now all people are doing is trading their currency to try and get the biggest return.

This really is a huge push out by Ripple and they have even perpetually inebriated Snoop Dog. He is going to host them some after parties and they have also handed out over $300 million in an attempt to try and get the ball rolling. They want to try and lure developers at the end of the day and this type of desperation actually has a term. This is known as Cash Flush.

Value arguments have held up to this day and a lot of enthusiasts are holding up their positions. This is the case right now anyway. There are concerns for XRP and BTC however. Mr. Popper has come out to say that people have bought their digital tokens and they have done this with the belief that one day useful transactions will happen. If the project wants to try and keep the investors that they have now investing, then the projects will have to convince them that the tokens do in fact have some long-term value. This is easier said than done, but with a bit of work, it can quite possibly be done. When you look at the XRP campaign, you will see that it is designed to see if users can get a functional currency. This may be much less of a philosophical harkening when you look at the rebellious roots that the currency has. Projects like this are in danger of becoming securities. This means that they are probably going to be subject to trading restrictions and even movement obstacles as well. This ultimately means that less and less people will be using their tokens for the purpose that was originally intended. Mr. Popper has also insisted that Ripple executives are keen to try and avoid this at all cost. They have a ton of great plans that will help to separate Ripple from the company XR and the efforts could show that XRP is totally reliant on Ripple after all.

In any given event, the cryptocurrency community is one example of how the currency is going to gain any form of adoption. An innovation of adoption or even a previous concept of a long-abandoned Bitcoin idea could have veered off into a settlement layer for digital gold. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand is actually a currency.


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