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Monero And Zcash Have Made An Entry To Bitbay


BitBay have come into the year 2014 in leaps and bounds. They were created to try and provide a professional platform for those who needed it the most. They started out on the Polish market and soon after they started out, they were able to launch their very own second beta in 2015. They then added a ton of professional tools and they also worked to make the whole platform much more user friendly. The exchange also added many other currencies as well. At the time, this namely included Lisk and then Ethereum. XMR ranked as being 13th on the whole thing and they went into this week being at $127.21. During the day, XMR then took a green run and the whole thing climbed up to $133.73. The problem here is that the whole thing was soon knocked down back into the red and it soon reached a low of $115.44. Yesterday, it reached the highest it has been for quite some time, and this is at $143.88. At the time of writing this article, XMR traded in at $137.67 and it also had a market cap of well over $2.2 billion as well. The weekly price changed and it dropped by 3.76%. They also had a 24 hour trading volume of over $29.6 million.

When you look at ZEC, the price in two days has hiked by a considerable amount. This is especially the case when you look at how it was at the beginning of the week. This ultimately means that the prices have changed over the last 24 hours and it also means that it has a trading volume of $39.8 million as well. In  the last moth alone, BitBay have also announced that they have hiked when compared to the start of the week. BitBay have also announced the pairs of two new currencies. This includes XIN and UCOM. They are available with Fiat currencies.


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