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Microsoft, EA And Nintendo Are Making Games Based On The ETH Blockchain


A studio that is widely known as being 8 Circuit Studios have started work trying to build games that are all designed on the ETH blockchain. They have started the project and the studio consists of a lot of different game developers and this includes EA, Microsoft, Nintendo and 343 Industries. James Mayo is the president and he is known for his fantastic and outstanding work. Some of the projects that he has worked on in the past include Age of Empires 2, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and even F.E.A.R as well. The studio has released a mobile game at the moment and this is known as being Alien Arsenal. This is based on the ETH blockchain and included in the game is an 8Bit Token. This is given to those who partake in the space drop program. This is essentially an airdrop, so it is interesting to see how things are going to be moving forward for the industry.

The game features an alien that the user can upgrade. You can do this so it can fight in the battle for the blockchain. This is one of the very first digital and upgradable assets that has ever been created. When you do use the 8Bit token, you can also use this to trade with other players and you can even use it to try and level up your character as well. What’s even better is that you can also play this game on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is set to be released next year and the tagline for the game basically explains that you can create a character that can go on to live forever. The character will be infused into the blockchain and the decisions that you make will literally go on for eternity as well. The game really does promise to blend psychological and survival mechanics, but what’s even more is that you can also play the whole game from a stunning, first-person perspective as well. It will feature space travel and you will also be able to play in a ship-combat simulator.

The game is very much based on the Ship n’ Satoshi. This is a call back to the person who created the Bitcoin. The aim of the game is that you need to take the last survivors of the planet to the New Eden and you have over 100,001 humans to look after. The first phase of the game is where you have to design your character and you also need to choose your items. You also need to create your level status as well. The next phase involves you trying to bring that character into any game that is released under the blockchain. The last phase is going to be so people can import that character into any game that is going to be made.  This is regardless of who created it, who published it and more. This is an incredible movement, and one can only hope that they are able to go the full distance.


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