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London Fintech Known As Revolut Have Added Bitcoin Cash And Ripple Trading


A British based company have created the very first application which gives customers the chance to invest in Bitcoin. They have been fundraising for a little while now and they have raised $250 million so far. Revolut have also added Ripple to their application as well. The company is over four years old at the moment and they were founded by Nikolay Storonsky. He used to be a keen trader and started the app based banking service in an attempt to help people exchange the currencies that they want but at very low fees. The only thing that they had to do is have a valid debit card. They focus on making sure that this service is able to reach out to as many countries as possible and they are also continuing to push the crypto space by adding the chance for people to use Ripple and even Bitcoin Cash as well. Revolut became the very first banking based application to do this and they actually launched it in December. They believe that hundreds and thousands of their customers have been able to buy Ripple and even Bitcoin Cash so far and that this is a huge movement.

Ripple exploded in 2017 and the total price increased by over 37000%. This was during the height of the cryptocurrency craze and ever since then it has maintained a really high position. This year has certainly faced a lot of bearish trends but the currencies really have been able to recover ever since. Bitcoin Cash supporters really are hard forked from Bitcoin and they claim that the transaction is way faster than usual. This makes it great for those who want to make a purchase and it also makes it ideal for those who want to take their investing to that next level.

Vlad Yatsenko has come out to say that the demand for both of these currencies has rocketed, and that the whole thing has quickly. Revolut gives people the chance to buy and hold their coins on other people’s behalf. Revolut have stated that they have added XRP to the long list of things that they would like to work on and they have also completed a series C investment as well. This helped to bring in over $250 million and it also raised the value of the company by a significant amount. The latest round was headed by DST investments and this was based in Hong Kong and they were an early supporter of all of this. It has been spurred on by infusion of new money and Revolut themselves do have plans to try and bulk up their engineering and design staff. They are doing this to try and expand into the US, Singapore, Canada and so much more.

They believe that by expanding overseas they are going to empower millions of people. They want people to try and take control over their financial lives and during this process, they believe that they will be able to handle any international transfers and more. They are doing this by partnering with the best companies in the world and it looks to be paying off.


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