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Libra And Bitcoin’s Bullish Surge In The Headlines


A Debate on Libra versus Bitcoin is one of the main topics in this popular social network. Also, the surge of the Bitcoin above $11,000 has hit the main financial TV channels.

Some hours ago, CNBC Squawk tweeted a Bitcoin alert when the cryptocurrency shortly reached the $11,000 level, and Susquehanna’s Bart Smith spoke about Bitcoin and Libra.

Afterwards, SquawkCNBC posted another tweet with a short video on which Joe Kernen,  commented his view about Libra:

Dollar is the currency of the State,

Libra is the currency of corporations

Bitcoin is the currency of the people

Joe Kernen’s sentence “Bitcoin is currency for the people” seems to have made a bond with lots of people as if they were expecting somebody with a public appeal to state what they wanted to hear most.

Bitcoin is digital gold.
It may become a payments system, but it’s not the main point.
The main point is being a global scarce hedge.
Source: here

A Twitter account called @Malibutrader tweeted:

Replying to Replying to @SquawkCNBC and @JoeSquawk

“Fiat is for the government, Libra is for corporations, Bitcoin is for the people.” – prophet, savior & King! @JoeSquawk
source: here

The complete thread is there, so there is no need to keep re-posting messages. Everyone seemed to agree with Joe’s statement about Bitcoin being the currency for the people and thanked him for letting people not versed in the crypto world understand that.

Replying to @JoeSquawk and @btc
Once the scales fall, you can’t not see the truth. Bravo Joe, doing the people – especially those who don’t know about #bitcoin – a real service.


Meanwhile, CNBC’s Squawk showed a tweet of an interview of CirclePay CEO, who talked about his belief that the future will see the growth of non-government-based money and the importance of Bitcoin.

What is evident is that Libra and the surge of the Bitcoin over the $11,000 mark has triggered some interesting discussions and created visibility for the crypto world and the blockchain sector.


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