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Let’s Take A Look At Tron- Is It Possible To Create A Decentralised Internet Space?


One of the most ambitious projects out there is Tron. What they are aiming for could potentially change the world and it could even help them to become one of the most important projects on the market. At the end of the day, Tron is looking to try and create a decentralised internet connection but this is not easy at all. It even comes with its own set of challenges and a lot of them are political. If you want to look at the changes that Tron is probably going to face, you need to look at the internet trends that are happening right now. Of course, the internet has exploded since and now governments all across the world are trying to find ways that they can try and control the internet. They are not doing this out of malice however, because they are doing it for a number of solid reasons- one of them being terrorism.

This is one of the many reasons why a controlled internet, or even an internet that has been centralised is a key interest to those who work at the government. The US are on the forefront and they are really trying to push for this. They have been exposed by Snowden a couple of years ago and this brought around some real problems. They are expecting governments to try and allow a decentralised internet so that they can try and take root. Tron would really have to do this by force, if it ever did happen and the resistance that is present could really cause a lot of resistance. In fact, they would face a lot of it from the US and this is the last thing that a lot of people needed.

The other challenge here comes from a ton of internet monopolies. The internet is a huge place but it is actually controlled. A lot of ISP companies are able to do this and they are also able to combine their services with a ton of internet giants as well. Companies like Google and even Facebook do have everything to lose when it comes to the internet and the fact that it could one day become decentralised and for this reason, ISP providers are becoming ever more frustrated with the idea of having a decentralised internet.

One of the ways that a decentralised internet can frustrate people is by limiting the amount of bandwidth that people have. People want to be able to share it through a peer to peer network but if the bandwidth is reduced then it would be practically impossible for the whole thing to take off. This is a challenge to say the least and it could easily stop Tron from achieving their dream of having a decentralised internet system. The good thing about this is that if Tron would be able to overcome these challenges then they would go on to be one of the most valuable blockchains on the market. Some good news is that Tron even has options that will help them to overcome these problems.

One solution is that Tron has the chance to build an internet system that is completely decentralised. They can invest in satellites and they can even invest in 4g networks as well. If they are able to do this then they would then have the chance to create their own set of ISPs and this would give the whole project chance to really take off. This would not be cheap at all but it would give them the chance to start taking over the world. Tron would have to make some spectacular investments to try and get the power they need to achieve this goal, but that being said, it is entirely possible for them to do this. Justin Sun is the leader of Tron and he is the most visionary leader on the market at the moment. If he has his eyes set on having the internet decentralised then there is a high chance that this will happen., He will find a solution that will put Tron on the map.


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