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Kaspersky Announces A New Generation Of Fraud Prevention

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Dittotrade News

Kaspersky announced today the launch of a new generation of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention aimed at helping organizations protect their businesses and customers from sophisticated fraudulent activities. The offered solutions are two standalone applications called Kaspersky Advanced Authentication and Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics.

Preventing account compromise is the main aim of Kaspersky Advanced Authentication while Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics allow users to monitor their systems for any fraudulent activities making it possible to prevent them in time, according to the announcement.

With the advancement of technology every organization tends to use the internet and related technologies for the convenience and speed. But online scams and other fraudulent activities advance at the same pace and it is increasingly becoming important to keep an eye on all online activities in order to prevent such frauds. Kaspersky Advanced Authentication looks at the behaviour of any anomalies in login and logout sessions using advanced technologies, and informs the administrators for further verification. This technology would inspect all behavioural and biometric data including the device reputation to ensure the safety of the business. Risk-Based Authentication, Continuous Anomaly Detection, and Account Takeover Detection are the main features of this application.

Kaspersky mentions on their website that “Kaspersky Fraud Prevention is powered by a complex range of advanced technologies with Machine Learning applied for proactive detection of sophisticated fraud schemes across web and mobile channels.”

Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics has been specifically designed to prevent financial crimes such as money laundering. The solution will “helps businesses minimize fraud-related costs and reduce the risk of fines for non-compliance from regulating organizations” according to the Kaspersky announcement. The application will analyse a huge amount of data related to a user’s session including behavioural and biometric patterns. Using its advanced algorithms Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics will then identify any harmful activities carried out during the session.

Global entity linking and mapping, Deep-learning-based Behavioral Analysis, and Flexible Rules Engine Configuration are the main features of the Fraud Analytics system.

Financial crimes committed online is one of the major concerns of every business, and any new technology from an experienced internet security provider such as Kaspersky will be of immense interest among those who are keen to prevent such crimes.


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