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Is Litecoin Really Going To Have A Sustainable Partnership With Tokenpay?


The Litecoin Foundation have fuelled a lot of speculation regarding the TokenPay deal. Everyone knows that LitePay has failed and a lot of people were worried that LTC would find it very difficult to get another chance at being adopted on a national basis. It turns out however, that was just the beginning and ever since then, a lot of people have reached out their hand to try and help Litecoin out.

Of course, the biggest question really is whether or not Litecoin is actually going to be able to get in a full partnership with TokenPay. Even now, there is a huge question regarding the relationship and whether or not it is actually going to happen. As more time goes by however, there is an increasing chance that the whole thing could really take-off and this is how the whole thing came about to start off with.

LiteCoin’s own Charlie Lee was heavily criticised because he had a stance on the relationship between PornHub and Verge. He sent out a tweet saying that he believes he has enough steam to penetrate the market, and so forth. This didn’t go down well with the people who follow his Twitter and he ended up having to apologise for his remarks. One company who didn’t like the tweet either included TokenPay. The CEO questioned the intentions that Lee has and he also asked why he did not contribute towards the crowdfunding either. He asked why he is still trying to shill LTC as being the second coin on PornHub. He even asked if he participated in the funding campaign for Verge. It’s a known fact that TokenPay donated over 66.5MM $XVG to make the whole thing happen and this created a mass silence over Twitter.

The whole thing really did bring out one thing from this situation. It looked like the LTC founder thought of this project as being way bigger than what people made out. He also went on to say that it deserved far more recognition for being a better coin. At the time, it really did seem like TokenPay and LiteCoin were not going to be partners and that they would never really see eye to eye.

As an apology, he released a statement saying that he was probably too negative on the news. He then congratulated the Verge team. He believes that the porn industry is a leading indicator of how fast technology is advancing and he is now happy that they are using cryptocurrency.

That’s not the biggest part however. On top of this, a mini-discussion took place between Derek Capo from TokenPay and Lee. This ended up with the two agreeing that the two platforms could work well together at some point. That’s when a very unofficial discussion took place, Charlie Lee was asked by Derek when he’d like to have a discussion about debit cards. He even said that TokenPay has plans to try and acquire a German bank and that he wanted to know if they could go on to work together in the future.

Charlie then said to let him know if there was anything that the LiteCoin foundation could do to help. It then all went quiet and nothing more was said on the situation. There have however, been a lot of rumours that a non-disclosure has been signed between those at LTC and TPAY. Only time will tell if this is the case and there are certainly no definite moves yet.

A tweet has been released stating that so many businesses have indicated that they are working to try and accept more LTC payments. They are also willing to be included in the brand-new projects that they are working on as well. We don’t know what new projects LTC are working on yet as it has not been released to the public but it could be obvious that TokenPay are involved.


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