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Is It Worth Holding Stellar Lumen?


There are a ton of factors that help to determine the value of any given cryptocurrency. For example, you have to think about whether or not it is a viable opportunity and you also have to think about the present strength that it has right now as well. Of course, you also have to think about the speed, the transaction tariffs, the value, the technology and even the development and leadership team that they have working with them.

So to start with, what is Stellar Lumen? XLM is actually a decentralised platform and it has been founded by the co-founder of Ripple. It helps to facilitate the exchange of assets and all of this is done directly and efficiently. The platform is blockchain technology based and this gives it the chance to support any settlements in a secure but decentralised way. On top of this, it offers open-source payments and this has a ton of comparisons with Ripple. So how does it work? When you look at decentralisation you will find that Stellar runs a network of these with the presence of a ledger. This is updated every 5 seconds and it helps to meet all of the node requirements as well. One of the main factors that help Stellar to stand apart from Bitcoin is the fact that it has a consensus protocol. When you look at the Stellar protocol, you will find that it was dependent on the miner’s network. This needs to be secured before payments can be paid. It also uses the FBA algorithm as well, and this facilitates the processing of payments. In other words, Stellar does in fact use a portion of their platform so that they can both approve and authenticate payments. Stellar is fortunate enough to have a really reliable icon at the helm in terms of cryptocurrency and Jeb McCaleb really is the vision and missionary behind the whole thing.

So in the world of IT, Jeb is completely respected. He is also very experienced and he has worked on a ton of other projects in the past as well. he started out with a peer to peer music share system and this was known as being EDonkey. After this, he went on to develop MT. Gox and this was one of the very first exchanges for Bitcoin. They handled nearly 60% of the Bitcoin transactions initially and he later went on to co-found Ripple as well. If this doesn’t show you the type of person that he is, then nothing will. He’s a master of his craft and he has shown time and time again that he can achieve just about anything.

Stellar is the 7th highest ranked coin on the market but this doesn’t make it look as though it is anything to be excited about. XLM has been exchanger under the record price, but if you think that is enough to put you off, you need to think again. XLM is one of the most improved currencies of the year. In fact, since its inception, it has increased by nearly 2600%. It is trading at 0.23% per coin and the market capitalisation of this is around 4.4 billion dollars. The currency is following a bearish trend at the moment but that doesn’t mean that you should let it go. The team and the leadership of XLM, not to mention the transaction costs really do prove that it is an asset to the real world. It is also a top-notch partnership as well, so it is a good coin to have. Stellar really is a stand-out choice for those who are looking to get into the cryptocurrency market.


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