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India Have Sent Officials To Switzerland, The US, Japan And More To Study Cryptocurrency


The Securities / Exchange Board of India have spent quite a bit of time organising tours. They have been doing this so that their own officials can study cryptocurrency and also so that they can offer their own coin offerings. The Indian regulator has reported that the authorities have also undertaken some study tours. These particularly relate to the ICO. The FINMA, FCA and FSA are also involved as well and this is a huge undertaking to say the least. The overseas study trip has also taken place so that officials can then engage with regulators and so that they can also gain a much deeper understanding of the systems and even the mechanisms that are used. This information all comes from the document that has been released. Of course, you should know that the report is not the first time that Indian authorities have tried to express their interest in a way that other countries happen to approach cryptocurrency. For example, the RBI have also published the annual report and this draws a lot of attention to the different types of crypto regulation and they have even focused on Japan and even South Korea as well. CoinTelegraph have reported that the annual bank report is helping them to consider the feasibility of issuing the rupee banked currency. The SEBI report also comes from a very controversial background as well. This came into effect in July and it implies that a ban has been put into place with the cryptocurrency dealings and that this is also the case for cryptocurrency related businesses and even people as well. It should be noted that the Supreme Court has also upheld the RBI restriction and that this is going to be done with the July hearing.



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