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Huobi Expands To USA And Gifts Free BTC For The First 10,000 Clients

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Chinese cryptocurrency trader Huobi, the third largest exchange in China, has announced that they will start operations in the USA through their partner company HBUS. On the same day the US and Chinese authorities made their trade war effective, Huobi has announced their expansion of business in an announcement published on their website.

“On July 6, 2018, our exclusive US strategic partner, HBUS (www.hbus.com), will launch its marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies. On top of the valuable experience HBUS has gained from Huobi Pro, they are also accorded with the accountability and trustworthiness of a U.S. based firm,” the announcement says.

Each of the first 10,000 clients registered on the HBUS website will receive up to 0.1 BTC as a welcome gift, according to the announcement. The clients will also receive up to 100 days without trading fees.

With the addition of the USA, Huobi is now present in US, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan among other countries. The company started in 2013 and has become a leading cryptocurrency exchange. A World Class Security System, Local Operation Teams Across the Globe, and Remodeling the Crypto Exchange are their main strengths according to the company website.

During a rough time between US China in their trade relationship as the two biggest markets in the world, China expanding a business to US is noteworthy as no one knows how the trade war would end. But the two companies joining hands would be a great piece of news for the crypto enthusiast.


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