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How Are Binance’s Own BNB And Ripple Similar?


Binance is actually an exchange and it is based in Japan at the moment. It was founded in China and they moved out as the government started to show hostility towards cryptocurrency in general. This gave them the chance to develop their own coin as well as taking the time to really make the coin trade incredible. Ripple really is an enterprise that owns a coin known as XRP. Both of them are private companies and they have put an alternative coin on the market. Both of the coins are very high in demand and they are performing very well. Both of the coins are also capitalised in the billions as well so there are really so many similarities between the two.

That’s not all however, because names and brands really do matter. They help you to make a good product great, and the right symbol is absolutely essential to the presence of the coin. When you look at Binance and Ripple, you will see that they both have a logo that represents them and that they are also very stable in the community.

You have probably heard about coin burning in the past, and yes, it does happen. People tend to do this because even though it makes the coin scarcer, it also makes the price go up. Binance burned well over thirty million dollars’ worth of coins in the last year alone and they still went on to create 150 million in profit. BNB usually work to try and take 20% of gains for the burnt tokens and this helps them to always make sense of the decisions that they are making.

Ripple on the other hand is not burning coins, or at least they aren’t doing it right now. They are using the Escrow system to try and keep on top of things and this also helps them to keep the price very low as well. It also helps them to keep up with the demand of the XRP token and it has already raised by over 80%. This is a sign that both of these companies know what they are doing, and that they are doing it well.

Binance and even Ripple as well, both have the talent and the leadership to get the job done. They have made sure that the right people have the tools that they need to get the job done and both organisations really have managed to secure whatever they need over the last couple of years. Take Ripple for example, they have well over 75 international banks who are all adopting their coin, their tech and their blockchain as well. They know the long-term goals that they have and they are also more than aware of how to get there.

Of course, funds really are not everything. Microsoft have spent billions to try and make Bing something bigger than what it is and it has failed miserably. It’s not all about the money but it is about the way that you use it. This is just one of the many reasons why investors and even laboratories are always prepared to go the extra mile. Both labs, if they carry on making the right decisions will really go the full way and they have also both been able to build awareness and even market a presence that is very hard to match.


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