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Here’s Why This Year Could Be The Year For Ripple


Ripple has continually been classed as being a currency that is always in the spotlight. It has always been a very important coin and the main reason for this is because of the great features that it has to offer. It’s safe to say that this could be an incredible feature for the coin, and this could also be the year that everything comes together for it as well. The token ranked at number 3 at some point this week and the value per coin is $0.55. The total market capitalisation of this coin however, is very, very high. The currency has managed to deploy some of the most solid partnerships in the industry and you will also find that the blockchain is being adopted by bank entities across the world as well. The expectations are very positive and there are a lot of results coming from the token as well. Here in this post, you can find out everything you need to know about Ripple, and why it is going to conquer the world in 2018.

Ripple really is the answer to a lot of problems in the financial industry. It’s important to take note that Ripple, or XRP really does differentiate from the coins that are in other parts of the industry. It solves two major issues and that includes the amount of fees that are charged per operation and even the speed of that as well. Ripple has shown that they are very solid and this is even the case through a lot of difficult operations. Ripple have also managed to appear in a lot of different exchanges and this is the case all up and down the industry. It has been recently stated that they have been added to Revolut which is a UK banking application. Another UK based LMAX Exchange has also listed the coin and this increases the possibilities even more. Of course, the long awaited and even the long promoted SBI has decided to also support Ripple and if everything goes well then this means great things for the currency.


XRapid is the solution that Ripple themselves have worked to develop. This cutting-edge technology has been tested a lot recently and it also goes to show that there are some incredible results to be seen as a result. Ripple have found a way to reduce the cost of a transaction from 40% all the way to 70% and this is incredible to say the least. The previous time it took to make the transfer was one or two days and this was then reduced to two or even three minutes. The giant of the Kuwait financing house announced their partnership with Ripple and they also put this on Twitter as well. The message on social media showed the details of the whole thing and this really did make the whole thing come through.

The strategic alliance really can help Ripple to go to the moon and back. They also represent a huge milestone for the currency and this is the first time that the blockchain platform has been used in the region. There have also been a lot of rumours regarding the possibilities of Amazon making the move to add Ripple as well.

So Ripple really does have the ability to solve a lot of problems for the financial sector and the current listings shows this. XRapid really do have strong partnership skills and this backs up the fact that this could be a big year for them. Of course, we really are fast approaching the middle already but the coin hasn’t done badly this year. There is still a lot of time for it to dent the industry and it could be in for a huge blowout in the next year or two.


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