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Here’s How XRP Is Going To Change The Financial World Forever


Ripple or XRP is getting quite a bad reputation and this is all because of the partnerships that they have with Global and other financial institutions. There are a couple of theories behind this, and a lot of people believe that Ripple working with Global is another word for financial treason. A lot of people also believe that by Ripple doing this, they are deviating from the written code and this is a backbone for various currencies. Many people are also very horrified that Ripple are working with Satoshi Nakamoto and this helps to have more control.

The problem is that this could all be a ploy done by Ripple to try and change the financial system from within the system. You might even be tempted to mention Sun Tzu and the Art of War to try and explain this, but if this was to be done then this would imply that there is a hidden war underway between the world of cryptocurrency and the financial system. The first way that Ripple can change the financial system forever is to partner up with banks and regular ones at that. They have done this already. On top of this, all of the institutions that they have partnered up with have Ripple products and they have also proven that everything is able to work well with one another. Some of them have even mobile apps and this is incredible to say the least.

So in other words, Ripple products are on the blockchain right now and they have all managed to convince even the most traditional financial institutions that Ripple is the future. Ripple really are the future when it comes to cross-border payments and Ripple technology really has been able to replace SWIFT in a lot of instances. Once banks are convinced by Ripple entirely, they are going to be much more likely to keep up with the ever-changing technologies and even China has hinted at possibly tokenising the Yuan. This could mean incredible things and it could also an incredible change that could bring about a ton of positive news. What might happen after that is a future where hard money would be complete obsolete. That would be well and truly fantastic and people may even be walking around with crypto wallets before you know it. These will be linked to all mobile applications and it will also make sure that all transactions are done on the blockchain as well. By then, things will be much more integrated, and this could be a future that we are looking at right now.


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