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Experts Are Stating That China Might Be Leading The Next Bull Run


The news coming from China often regards crypto triggers and usually this only comes with negative reactions. China’s own government have stated on numerous occasions that they will not tolerate the idea of cryptocurrency and this is shocking to say the least. That being said, it is incredibly interesting to see that China does have an interest in the crypto space. For this reason, Chinese investors may be the main reason why a bullish run for the future could be possible. Expert voices in the world of cryptocurrency are predicting that cryptocurrencies will rise in the fourth quarter and this is because investors are ditching the idea of the first six months and even the past collapses that the market has been open to. This is of course, all according to Sun Zeyu from the Hong Kong Investment Firm.  Industry specialists who are in the region have a very firm belief that Chinese investors will really play one of the most critical roles in this new wave. They have also stated that this is going to hit the market soon. This will trigger a bull market and it will be far beyond the imagination that people have of it at the moment. The reason, of course, could be due to huge inflows of money coming from the blockchain and even crypto ecosystems. These are already in place from nations such as Singapore. These have favoured thousands of investors and even token investors as well. That being said, Singapore have managed to emerge victorious and they are also one of the most favoured countries when it comes to ICO as well. Regulators have also lowered the overall requirement to setup the blockchain in the industry and this is incredible news to say the least. The reason for more investments in the cryptocurrency world right now is the idea of growing financial instability. There is also the possibility that US trade wars were happening in the region as well. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies really are viable alternatives to the regulated stocks that come from the government and this is all because they are decentralised.

As of right now though, the crypto markets are down from the highs that they once had at the start of 2018. It is also worth noting that the cycle has since been rinsed and that it is not going to repeat itself. Bitcoin appeared on the market for the first time well over 10 years ago and some believe that the cycle is just around the corner. According to the experts, it is in fact Asia that will be leading the bulls with any upcoming trends and movements.


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