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Ex-NFL Running Back Ricky Williams Says That Astrology Is Telling Him To Invest In Bitcoin


Ricky Williams is a former running back and his NFL career really was the opposite of conventional. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that his financial advise is a little…as they say…unorthodox. Williams spent a large amount of his career playing football and he studied holistic medicine, astrology and more. He has a strong belief that the cosmos has the ability to tell him whether or not he should invest in something. He believes that the cosmos is telling him to invest in Cryptocurrency, the main one being Bitcoin.

He has stated that when he looked into astrology, he did it originally because he wanted to gain insight. He believes that he tends to get things right, and that astrological charts have always pointed him in the right direction. The insight that got him interested was the fact that the planet Uranus had started to enter into Taurus. He believes that Uranus is all about revolution and it symbolises change. He has also stated that Taurus is all about finances and the resources that you have. When you look at the revolutionary aspect of Uranus and the fact that it is combining with Taurus, it is really focused on finance and this is leading Williams to think that in the future, people are going to have to change the way that they understand and look at finances. Pluto is also passing through Capricorn, and he believes that this symbolises structures. This can be seen as a bank.

The main thing that Williams has stated is that he believes that people are becoming disillusioned with the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain. He also believes that it is the ideal time for you to invest in things like this, and he has already taken a piece of the action. He has gone on to say that he is going to invest $50,000 of his own money into the failing Bitcoin and that you should too. Then again, he has said that he isn’t going to go crazy.

Williams isn’t too concerned however as the ups and downs of the market are always going to pose as a problem. When you look at things, Bitcoin in particular has lost well over 50% of its value. It did however reach an all-time high of $20,000 in December. Williams believes that with the planet Uranus changing, it is going to be volatile but he has a strong belief in the power of change. He thinks that if things do go well then this is a great situation, but if not then he thinks he has done his part to try and get the cryptocurrency movement going.

Williams thinks that he is a keen astrologer and thinks that he is somewhat of an expert. He has a website where you can book a reading with him and it will set you back $300 for an hour and a half session. Williams has also turned his passion for holistic medicine by launching a company called Real Wellness that sells cannabis-based products. He only launched this in March.

Williams’ faith is completely backed by astrology and he believes that his faith is going to put him at a real advantage when it comes to Bitcoin investment. Warren Buffet who is a millionaire has openly called Bitcoin rat poison and he believes that it is nothing of value. After all, all you are really counting on is that the next person is going to pay you way more because they are just as excited about the next person coming along. The star of ABC’s Shark Tank have likened Bitcoin to gambling.

Williams isn’t the only person who has turned to astrology for financial purposes. Kaye Shinker also works as a financial astrologist and he has written a ton of books on the subject of astrology in the past. He believes that it is an investment and that it can easily be used to try and gain more clarification on something, or even another topic. This is certainly interesting to see how some people invest but it’s safe to say that not many people are going to be using astrology to invest any time soon.


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