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Ethereum News And Moral Food: A Fish’s Journey From Bait To Plate


When you look at the Ethereal Summit, you will see that this was hosted on May 11th– May 12th. It was done in an incubator in Queens, NY. All of the people who attended were all given the chance to see a huge range of immersive experiences. These all helped people to see how goods were highlighted across the blockchain and it also gave people the chance to really move the supply along as well. It is also being tested for a huge range of products and this includes the ones that are being done by start-ups and even the ones that are being done by technological heavyweights. Viant, who is an Ethereum heavyweight and supply chain stated that they wanted to place their entire focus on tuna, and this sounded very fishy to say the least.

The experience showed a lot of attendees a very short documentary. The film was called Bait to Plate and this showed the journey of a yellowfin tuna who was caught up in the waters. The whole documentary followed all of the fish from when they were caught to when they were packaged and then shipped. They did this to the plates of those who actually attended the conference. The co-founder of Viant stated that the fish were followed and the idea is that those who chose to eat a meal at the conference knew where their fish were coming from.

Atreya has also made a comment which hinted that a lot of blockchain enthusiasts think that the technology can really help them to solve problems in the economy. It’s really hard for businesses and even consumers to know how their actual goods were acquired and it is also much harder for them to be interested in businesses that are eco-friendly as well. Atreya has stated that they want to create a sustainable and even an equitable set of goods that can be treated and they also want food-based illnesses to stop spreading as well. This has been very hard to pinpoint so far and it has also been very hard to control. This is a concern that a lot of people have but it looks like it is going to be addressed some point soon.

When you look at tuna sourcing in Fiji, consumers are now becoming more and more aware that some fisheries are now using slave labour and they are doing this so that the cut-off doesn’t continue even more. This provides a much better insight into the whole process and it also helps to open your eyes to what is all around you as well. According to Viant, the steps that go from bait to plate on the blockchain can really provide you with this viewpoint so that is just one of the many things that need to be considered along the way.

So now, according to Viant, when you log the steps that go from bait to plate on the blockchain, this will provide you with everything you need to know. Blockchain and supply goods really have been proposed for quite some time and this has been done for a huge range of goods. For example, you have diamonds to Ethiopian coffee and even marijuana as well. Viant has chosen to put their entire focus on tuna because they believe that it is a case that everyone can believe in and also something that everyone can be familiar with as well.

According to Viant, there are various steps that are being logged to try and take the whole thing from bait to plate and Ethereum might be able to provide this as a possibility. When you look at blockchain supply chains you will find that they have been proposed for quite some time and this is especially the case when you look at diamonds and any other precious metals out there. The co-founder of Viant has stated that one of the most primal things we do is eat but if you become disconnected with that then the blockchain is lost. If you are able to bring that connection back on the other hand then this can really go a long way in making sure that everything is the way that it should be.

Tracking Tuna

The main thing that you have to remember here is that blockchain isn’t the only technology you need to try and make the experience better. The film goes on to explain that when the tuna was caught, it was then connected with an RFID tag. This helped to give that certain fish an ID number and this can then be used to track the fish’s location from start to finish. If you are able to geolocate the fish then you would then be able to use them in Ethereum. This blockchain would then be able to show that it was caught in waters that were legal and sustainable. It would also show that so many hands touched the fish as well, and this would all happen before it reached the summit where people dug in with chopsticks. When you take a look at what the Viant co-founders have said in the past, you will see that one process they use for tracking their goods is incredibly rigorous. You will also see that this provides a very trust-free environment because nobody has to actually full-on rely on a single party. This also reduces the risk of that information being compromised.

Anyone who is using the Ethereum blockchain would be able to view these data points. During this time, sushi made with tuna made its way onto the guest’s plates and it was also labelled with a QR code. This could then be scanned with any smartphone and the guests would then be able to see the journey that the fish took from Fiji all the way to New York.

So what seems fishy about this? Even though supply management has been a really popular choice for all of those who use blockchain systems, the digital system can’t actually stop people from manipulating it on a physical basis. For instance, if you were to have an RFID tag and if this has been damaged then you could easily attach the same tag to somewhere else. You could also do this just about anywhere on the supply chain that you want and this would also corrupt the data. If you are an entrepreneur or even someone who is experienced in technology then this would provide you with a much better system.

At the end of the day, there will probably be solutions that aren’t perfect but when you look at the Viant platform you will see that the customers are seriously demanding some huge improvements. Even though this is the case, Mulvihill has stated that the blockchain is a huge improvement on business as usual and this allows you to be more accountable when compared. This is especially the case when you take into account the fact that the data is logged on a transparent and shared ledger. There is already a need for this but nobody could agree on what the solution was. There is technology that can help you to do this by providing a ton of new solutions.


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