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Cryptocurrency Has Made It Rain In Vegas


So to set the scene, it was late at Caesars Palace in the middle of Las Vegas. A stoned man was trying to find a way to bribe the doormen so that they would let him into the hottest party of the year. It didn’t work to say the least but to get to the point, he had waited in line for half an hour. He wanted to ride the elevator up to the room numbered 6116 and this was located in the hotel tower. It was very much clear that he was far past celebrating even though it was a Saturday night. This was the hacker convention to end all hacker conventions after all, and you may have even heard of it. It’s known as the DEF CON convention. On top of this, someone is footing the bill. The person who is footing the bill is known as Monero and they are a privacy focused cryptocurrency company. They have been on a huge ride since they were released in 2014. They have skyrocketed in terms of their value and this was ever since they were released in Summer of 2016. They had highs of $500 in January and this is before they fell back to $80 today. They made a host of early investors very wealthy throughout the whole process. So you have a group of people who are very, very rich thanks to cryptocurrency and if they are all in Vegas at the same time, what could they possibly do? Spend absurd amounts of money of course. Monero put up the party and they also made it possible for a lot of people to get an invite. So this ultimately means that cryptocurrency finally made its arrival to Sin City and it is said that people were even shooting fake notes out of a rocket gun. The night was just getting started at this point and drugs were certainly involved.

The bar was well-stocked and it was on the first level of the two-story suite. You had floor to ceiling windows which looked out upon all of Vegas and you also had a shirtless DJ who was playing heavy bass as well. On this night, the market had never corrected from the peaks that happened in 2017 but when you look at the amount of people who showed up at the party, it is safe to say that people were very excited about what is ahead. Those who were in attendance had very high spirits and the party was a clear sign that people are feeling good about the market right now. You had a bathroom at the end of the hallway and this was stocked with things like Red Bull and plenty of beer. You also had people getting in the shower, with people cheering them on.

So this party isn’t just any other party, it is a sign that people have become very rich by investing in cryptocurrency and the mood is still high even though the market is low. This is a clear sign of things to come and it also shows that even though the market may be going down, people still have faith in it.


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