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Crypto Is Seeing An Immense Amount Of Activity And Huge Growth


The cryptocurrency industry has been through a lot over the years and it has been going for around a decade now. It doesn’t matter if it is under scrutiny for a lot of the time or even the fact that there have been some pricing corrections because it would certainly be appropriate to say that proponents have seen absolutely everything that there is to see. Sure, the value of all assets have undergone a drastic decline but there are a couple of veterans who are trying to keep their heads held high. This is even the case when you look at the amount of tribulations and even trials that have happened. So over the last few weeks, there has been some currencies that have reached new lows and Joseph Lubin, who is one of the co-founders of ETH has come out to give various interviews to the news outlets. He has done his best to try and convince people that the idea of cryptocurrency is here to say and that there is potential for it in the future. He has also come out to say that there really is so much evolution in this space and that everything is an asset. The founder of a site called ConsenSys, a blockchain start-up has also opened up the world to his own ideas. He has discussed the reason behind the bull movement that has happened recently and he has also talked about the recent decline as well. He noted that the bull run was the result of someone out there seeing endless value in the blockchain technology and it also comes down to speculators being ridiculously enthusiastic about it as well. So sure, he may have seen the surge as being some kind of bubble and the innovator has suggested that such bouts of bullish action will only continue to bring around a ton of positive attention to the industry. So many people have come out to say that this is not going to bring notoriety at all but the co-founder of ETH has been able to elaborate on this. He has come out to say that the booms are in fact bringing a lot of attention to the space and that they are also bringing a lot of willing entrepreneurs as well. He has also said that they are experiencing a lot of different activity right now and this is all because of everything that happened last year. He believes that they are gearing up their niches so that they can experience a huge range of growth and that this is fantastic to say the least.

It is important to know that Lubin makes an interesting point. Sure many idealists saw the parabolic cycle as being damaging for the idea of cryptocurrency but it also shows that there has been a lot of interest as well. This is going to try and promote and even develop the idea of cryptocurrency being here for the long-term. Lubin pointed out that consumers don’t have to understand the inner workings of blockchain because that is the job of the people who work there. They have said that it makes sense for users to try and use the blockchain via apps and that this is already happening for them. This is the driving force behind the option of such technologies and some of them are very ETH specific as well. This can only be good news for the company and it certainly speaks volumes about what they are trying to achieve. So let’s move forward right now. The host of CNN has come out to say that the blockchain is getting to a point where there is now a ceiling in sight. If you talk to the educated person you will see that they have in fact herd about the blockchain. They have also heard of Bitcoin as well. For some people, this means that the end is in sight because there is only so much that you can grow. This comment seems to be much more bearish when compared to bullish but the executive has brought up the idea that Vitalik may be in fact a genius. The problem is that his opinion isn’t the be all and end all. Some have said that this technology is going to seriously impact how social, political and even economic systems operate. This may even bring about changes over the next couple of years as well, and this is very interesting to say the least.


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