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Cardano Is Aiming For A Trillion- And There Are Bets On Five Or Ten


The world of cryptocurrency is never dull. The anonymous creator for Bitcoin has designed the protocol so that it is a two-finger salute to the financial sector. ETH really wants to be the universal computer and when they are not spending all of their time trying to battle SEC, XRP have been cosying up to the central banks and even the larger corporate banks as well. Bitcoin Cash does think that it can do a much better job than Bitcoin however and this is incredible to say the least- of course, if they are able to pull it offer. So now let’s look at Cardano, or ADA. The blockchain platform is quickly getting a habit of trying to name any development plans that they have after philosophers and even poets as well. This raises the question, what do they happen to be up to?

According to the reading, or even the Cardano roadmap you will soon see that they are actually conducting business as usual. The developers are laying the foundation for the more secure and even the more decentralised network. This is known as the Shelley phase. They are very busy on the Quantum-resistance signature technology and this is especially the case when you look at the Daedalus wallet. Meanwhile, when you look at Goguen, you will see that they are doing their best to try and establish a smart contract tester. They are also trying to develop a brand new language that is going to be used to try and build smart contracts as well. This is going to be designed by Christopher Marlowe, who is an English playwright. Charles Hoskinson is the CEO of IOHK and he is also the lead developer for Cardano as well. He has come out to say that he would love the project to become the very first trillion-dollar currency project in the world. It would have to reach around $38 in order to get there and Cardano is still doing what they do best. Planning have been around for 10 years or so and when you look at the whiz-bang projects you will soon find that they have burned through their cash after they went a little too close to the rival creator, Justin Sun. Listings on quality exchanges happen to be indicative of the worth of a project. Two weeks ago, the currency exchange was named as being ADA and this is one of the five assets that they were considering leveraging or even listing on their servers. They released an official blog post and Coinbase then came out to say that they loved the functional live features of Cardano. They also believe that they have a growing community and they are also drawn to the peer-reviewing process as well.

If you want to be considered for a Coinbase listing you will find that a currency needs to try and prove itself so that it can meet any regulatory requirements. It also needs to have a very high level of long-term viability as well. On top of this, it needs to prove that it is able to show potential for mass-adoption. Coinbase are not the only fans of Cardano however. It was once dubbed as being impressive by a company called EToro. They are a brokerage firm and there has been a lot of research done on this. The problem is that it is still far too early to tell. Last week, they were able to single out the complex technology and they were also able to show a strong sign of development. They also showed a ton of potential as well. Cardano is frequently being described as being less of a project and much more of an idea. They are firmly set on the idea that they want to aid.

They were established in the year 2015 and it took them until September last year for them to launch Byron. This is a version of the network and it is said that Shelley is expected to drop at some point during this quarter. The project however won’t be fully finalised until the year 2020 and this is especially the case when you look at the contract that Cardano have with the lead developer. They are known as being IOHK and only time will tell what will happens when this comes to an end. Slow and timely development really is not the type of stuff that makes headlines and Cadano have really managed to stay under the radar when you look at the beginning of the year. If the cryptocurrency community was a school and they had childish project you will soon see that Cardano is the hardworking one who sat right at the back of class and didn’t say very much at all. The truth is that things are starting to change right now and as the years go by, it is proving everyone wrong.

A lot of people know the story of the tortoise and the hare. The two of them decide to race and the tortoise plods along The hare runs ahead and takes a nap, but when the hare wakes up, it soon realises that the tortoise has already crossed the finish line. When you look at how things have been over the last few months, you will soon see that Cardano have already started to explore a ton of collaborations.  They have done this with the Ethiopian Agricultural Ministry and even Traxia as well. They are a company that do everything they can to try and support cash flow for SMEs and they have their very first project to try and launch- and the best of it is that they are going to be doing this on the Cardano platform as well. This is especially the case when you look at the fact that they have moved from the ETH platform.

The name Cardano on the other hand actually comes from Gerolamp Cardano. He was a mathematician in the 16th century and he also came up with the idea of the combination lock. He also worked diligently to try and create negative numbers, not to mention that he loved to gamble as well. At the end of the day, the Cardano project doesn’t like gambling at all. They like to go slow and they also like to make sure that they work on any new code to make sure that it is perfect before it is released. Other projects have been very quick to try and release and even publish their own main nets and they have even tried to bring out a ton of other projects as well. There have been some problems with the platform as well. These companies have tried to scale far too fast and they have also experienced problems with bugs as well. Cardano’s own patience will pay off at the end and this is especially the case when you look at the fact that they have a ton of intellectual references.


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