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By The Looks Of Things, Interest Of Bitcoin Has Boomed


The majority of banks have definitely refused to go just about anywhere when it comes to cryptocurrency. Australia might as well be the first country to adopt this sooner rather than later.  Fred Schebesta is a millionaire and he achieved this status at the age 26 and he did this after selling a business. He then revealed his multi-billion business idea and he is also a time traveller who is going to open the very first cryptocurrency bank in the whole of Australia. Even though Bitcoin has had a huge decline at the start of 2018, people like Schebesta are entirely optimistic. What’s more than this he holds the interest that the currency is in fact booming. When you look at the core, you have to remember that just because the price of Bitcoin has gone down and that people are very angry about this. This doesn’t reduce the interest however because the interest has boomed since. New technologies are being established all the time and it’s like going from Basic to DOS. Bitcoin is like gold and it just needs to sit there and do its thing. A lot of people don’t think that it will die out anytime soon. Of course, he doesn’t seem to be bothered about the decline in price either and this is especially the case when you look at the historical comparison. They have experienced far more serious corrections and people have also stated that the bubble is at $10.

When you look at what the self-made millionaire has said, you will see that the enthusiasts are in fact aware of the benefits that are being brought to the decentralisation but masses have some ways of making everything happen. He has outlined the major issues that the currencies are experiencing and this is all because of the central banking system. You don’t have your money after all, because the bank has it and if everyone did run a bank then they wouldn’t be able to serve it. He has then come out to pinpoint the solution and he has stated that this is why he is so big on cryptocurrency. He thinks that people would go and they think that the whole thing is very messed up.

Schebesta has also purchased a share in the Goldfields Money industry. This is a bank in West Australia. According to him, this is the only bank in the region that has an authorised deposit with the institutional house. He has stated that this is a key step towards the creation of a legitimate currency bank.

There is a $35 million market cap and when you look at the bank, and when you look at the cryptocurrency addition you will soon see that it gets bigger and bigger. You also need to meet certain needs such as cold storage, custodianship and even escrow as well. You also need to think about the exchange, spending.


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