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Bitcoin Is Getting Some Major Soap Exposure


Bitcoin and various other crypto currencies have found a strange home on Coronation Street. This is a TV show that is watched by well over 8 million people every single episode. Bitcoin would be considered to be mainstream and this is great and it is even getting mentions by Eminem on his latest albums. The problem is that there is still a huge part of the world that is not aware of Bitcoin and this can cause the whole movement to slow down when compared. Older generations are much less tech-savvy when compared and this could mean that there is a huge surge in investments as well. This is going to push the price of Bitcoin much more up when compared and it could even push it into all-time highs as well.

Bitcoin managed to hit $19,000 this year and they have also pulled other currencies along with it as well. They have had a bull run and this all started with Bitcoin. It then somehow collapsed this year and ever since then there has been some major movements. The Bitcoin price has managed to sink by well over 60% and it is now hovering around the $6,000 mark. Investors and traders are awaiting approval and this could really help to send Bitcoin and other currencies right across the board and much higher than ever before. So a lot of the chatter around Bitcoin has all been to do with ETFs and this could open up Bitcoin to a much higher market. A lot of Bitcoin evangelists would rather see Bitcoin being adapted rather than seeing the price driven. For example, they want to see it integrated onto Paypal and even Visa as well rather than seeing the price go up and up. Bitcoin is a huge part of the soap Coronation Street at the moment and it is safe to say that this is a huge step in the right direction. Sure, the story revolving Bitcoin is about a character buying some currency years ago only to find that it increased in value ever since. The problem is that when you look at it being a get-rich scheme, you will soon see that this is not the case at all. The story of it isn’t entirely positive either but there are millions of people who are aware of it and there are so many of them who are understanding of the blockchain technology as well. It really does go to show that the depth of awareness has penetrated the collective consciousness. You may find that this is a major plot point but it doesn’t matter whether it is Bitcoin via an ETF or not because it is really broadening the scope which will help more people to buy it with each passing year. So on the show, someone called Ryan Connor is a drug addict. He has been on the show for years now, and he also has a problem with gambling as well. On top of this, he has a job as a DJ. He blew his entire gig fee and he tells his friend that he invested $50 in Whipcoin. The pair did some research and they soon came to the conclusion that the investment is now worth over £250 million. Ryan however can’t remember the password to his account and this is a story that is becoming very cliché in the writing of cryptocurrency. Anyway, eventually, they are able to write down their password but their research appeared to be out of date. The coins that they have are not worth anything which means that the writers over at Coronation Street have been following the idea of the price surge carefully. Either way, this is very interesting because it means that more and more people are now starting to see Bitcoin and it shows that the idea of cryptocurrency alone has been seen by at least 8 million people. This is incredible to say the least and it could mean very positive things for the coin in the future.


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