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Bitcoin In Brief: Here’s The Latest Cryptocurrency News


Monero decided to move away from the Cryptonight algorithm and this means that now Bitmain’s ASIC antminers can go full-steam ahead. Of course, not everybody who is a member of the Monero community was happy with this, and it’s interesting to know that some minors really wanted to stick with the original algorithm. Only four monero forks were created that day and that includes the monero original, the monero 0 and then two that were both named the monero classic. You then have monero C and monero V.

Fake Accounts are Plaguing the Market

Fake accounts are really starting to affect the cryptocurrency market. It looks like the platform has really gotten to grips with a lot of them, but scammers still remain. There is a loophole which means that accounts can actually change their name to try and mimic others. The fraud has been made more public due to the fact that there is a blue checkmark that validates the user’s account. When one verified account posted as Bitfinex, it soon came to light what was happening.


Stablecoin pairing really is becoming a huge thing. Last month, it’s been said that Bittrex paired Tether together with TrueUSD and this gives users a choice of tokens that are pegged with dollars. Ethfinex has done the same thing with DAI. The shocking part is that Ethfinex parent exchange is Bitfinex and they are actually the owner of Tether. The requirements for Stablecoin are currently being met by USD Tether and this is a centralised alternative that has actually been utilised by USD that is held in a bank account. The DAI removes the risk of having a centralised point and this is becoming really popular so far.

Biostar and the Motherboard

The hardest part of GPU mining is actually finding a way to connect all of those really high-performance cards. Biostar’s brand new dedicated motherboard will really help minors to connect GPUs together, and up to eight of them at that! It only sells for around $150.  This is a must-have for anyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency business.


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