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Bitcoin, Ethereum And Even Ripple Are Just About To Get A Boost From New Funds


Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin and more are going to get a serious boost. This comes from the launch of two new mutual fund networks. They are known as being index funds and they include IronChain. This is split up into two funds and the market cap has currently shown that the index is going to track up to 10 of the biggest currencies out there. This is of course, according to a press release but this is going to help launch the two new funds.

This is actually going to be a very bullish development for a lot of cryptocurrencies and there is a very obvious reason behind this. The main reason being that it will help to address a lot of the barriers that are present at the moment. These barriers stop people from getting into cryptocurrencies so it is certainly great to see. When you look at the idea of investing in cryptocurrency, you will see that the whole thing is very complicated. The four barriers that are present at the moment include liquidity, custody, fees and diversification. IronChain believe that they have a solution for this, and that is the fact that they are going to allow liquidity to happen on a daily basis. They are also going to provide this to all of their investors without any daily lockup. The annual fee for this is going to be set at 1% and this is the most economical solution on the market at the moment. On top of this, there are no performance or even any redemption fees. With the index portfolio of being 10 and more, the market cap is weighing and the institutional grade of custody is going to be done through Xapo, Kingdom and Ledger. When you look at this product, you will see that investors can easily invest in the market and they can also do this very close to a mutual fund as well. The MEDIA protocol can make cryptocurrency way more accessible and this is going to make it a way more efficient market.

Eiland Glover is the CEO of Kowala and this is a stabilised currency. It is looking very positive when you compare it to other funds. Of course, this will affect way more accredited investors when compared to retail investors and billions of dollars are going to be put on the sidelines when compared. This has made the whole thing more difficult and it has also made it way more risky as well. Investors have been listening to other people tell stories over beers about how they have managed to make huge returns and as a result, they are far more likely to be able to arrange and even embrace a simpler and way more secure way to enter the market. A lot of people do hope that this will come into place but only time will tell if this is something that will actually happen.


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